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What's up familia??

What's up familha. How goes it in Kaysville?                  October 15, 2013

Trev, Dad is right. Get use to it. It is the year of the Dodgers. And I will most likely still be in the states when they win it. I will receive my reassignment on Thursday. I am not sure if they give us a time to really email you it. It doesn't sound like they do. So I'll see if the copy center can copy it and I'll send a copy with Squid. ST. GEORGE HERE I COME.

This week has been really good. I have been reading away in my scriptures this whole time and this last week was 3 Nephi. I want you all to read that this week. And report on it. I wanna hear about the cool revelations y'all have. I don't have my notes with me, but there is a scripture in there as they talk about the second coming and how we will all gather. But there are some at the gathering that will be motherless. and we are doomed to H-E double hockey sticks if we turn our backs on them. It said that we need to take them in and help them and give them shelter. Immediately I thought of our dad. How he is ALWAYS willing to help. Right away. He is always the first to give assistance to anyone who needs it. And the best part is that he doesn't just do it out of his duty as Stake President, but he does it from the bottom of his heart. Thanks Dad. We may not always follow your example as well as we should, but thank you for showing us the kind of people we should be. And thank you for showing me the kind of man that I am commanded to be. I love you.

Also, we got new investigators this week. We're at the point where we teach each other. We had to think of someone we know who could be investigating or less active. And we take their role as the investigator. Our investigators seem like they would be the really hard type. One who really likes to party and wants to keep his alcohol, and the other a history major interested in learning about the church and also loves his coffee. But from the very first lesson, we just talked to them like friends. and as we taught the word of wisdom, they had some questions, but the spirit was so strong that every answer we gave calmed their fears. They were very willing to attempt to give up what they thought they loved. Now obviously is wasn't real, but the spirit was, and that's what matters.

Here is my little diddy for the newsletter:

I am doing just fantastic here in Provo. I am just grinding away at the MTC tasks. You all know the drill. I am loving all the study time we get and the spirit that comes from it. I am so excited to get out in the field. It has been a short 5 weeks but a very long 5 weeks at the same time. What they say is very true. "The days go slow but the weeks go fast." Sometimes I feel like the day will never end, but I look back and just think, "What in the world, I've already been here for over a month." So half of the girls I liked back in High School Are probably off and married at BYU. But I guess that's the sacrifice we make. 

I get my reassignment on the 17th. As sad as it is to not go straight to Brazil, I know that this time is given to me by the Lord. I know there is someone still in the homeland who needs me. Whether it be myself, a companion, an investigator, or a member, I WILL find them. I am so excited to see where my first place of service will be! I love you all! Have a good month. The work we are doing is incredible. Keep it up. Work so hard that you would be able to look Jesus in the eyes with a smile and say, "I gave everything I could possibly give." Save souls.

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor.

Well fam. There's the email for the week. I love you all and hope you're doing fantastic. Here's my task for this week. Write me a letter. Each of you individually. And report on how the pocket size BOM helped you. And if you haven't gotten them yet, do it today. I promise it will be amazing.

Eu amo Voces!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

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