Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I now like soccer....uh oh!

February 17, 2014


So y'all saw my confession.  I like soccer.  Sorry I'm emailing alittle later today.  We went to a soccer game at 10:00!  So, it turns out, there's a place called Grande Sports World out here - where a ton of socer teams train.  And RSL is one of them!  They also have Academy teams.  Well, there is a kid form Lehi who is active in Church and his parents are from Brazil.  And he plays!  So, I went wither another companionship (Elder Andra is sick and stayed with the other companionship) and we watched them play.  Just sat on the sidelines in lawn chairs with the bishop and his family.  Oh boy, yep.  That's my future.  I just pray that I'm not the crazy dad that gets kicked out!

This week has been fantastic.  Honestly.  WE HAVE A BAPTISM ON THURSDAY!  Due to the Gilbert temple cultural celebration and other things, it can't be done Saturday or Friday.  But finally!  Her name is Toni.  I've told you about her.  She's the one that had the dream.  She was cleared through probation by an interview with President Toone.  I'm sooo excited!

This week has just been pretty good.  I get along pretty well with Elder Andra.  There are rocky points, but for the most part it has been really good.  And, living with six Elders has been good.  Most of us get along really well.  They were worried because the house had six sisters before.  2 sisters is too many hormones!  Now  imagine six!  YEP.  But with six Elders it's been awesome!

I'm glad to see you all are alive and well!  Eu amo todos voces!

Mom - Tell the Band of Brothers thing about the dream of our investigator.  It was awesome.  In fact it still is.  I'll sen you some stuff.  When do you nee it by?

Well family!  I love you all!

Oh yea!  We got to go to the temple twice this week!!We went on Wednesday to the Mesa Temple for our regular session each transfer.  It was awesome.  I love the Temple so much!  And then we got to go to the Open House of the Gilbert Temple on thursday!  It was so cool.  One again, I love the temple.

You all rock and I love you all.

As my BFF for life Elder John Garrett says,

"que la fuerza te acompane"
(with a little squiggly accent over the n.  It's in Spanish)

I love you!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

The party crew at the Gilbert Temple Open House.

We FINALLY caught a scorpion!

Soccer game!

The soccer crew!  
Elder Taylor, Elder Babcock, Elder Storrs, Cluff family!

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