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Hello My Family!!

December 18, 2013

It's in English now. Boring right? I've been in America too long. Haha just kidding. I should be saying Hola. I have actually picked up on quite a bit of Spanish. I'm not good at it, but the words are so similar to Portuguese that I am usually able to get it. And I can understand a lot of it. It's cool.

Mom, you don't bore me to death with your emails. They are the best. I love hearing about all the excitement and hastening of the work in Kaysville. Don't EVER let people tell you there is no work to be done there. I know plenty who need it. There's a reason that the Utah missions are often the highest baptizing in the world. It's because people forget. It's not that they're bad people. But sometimes Satan makes us forget that we are children of Heavenly Father. They forget that the true message of his gospel is not cursing people to Hell and saying they are sinners. It is that He loves us! What better message is there? HE LOVES US!

And yes mom, I did remember it was your birthday. You need to check facebook more often apparently. Because the Branch President of the YSA even commented on it. I am glad to hear that you are doing well with your surgery. I pray that you continue to recover and are well. 

It's so nice to hear that Trev is doing everything he can to help out. He's an awesome kid. Now I'm just wondering where this was a couple years ago...Ha. You all probably think the same about me though so it's all good. Missions change lives. Thousands. We may not even realize that we changed a life and boom. Changed. It happens everyday. For example, we just talked to a guy outside the library. We actually talked to him on the street a couple days ago. He's probably about 23. And he's an awesome guy. The first time we talked to him he was way cool but was making fun of us cause we were bad with names. So I promised him that I would remember his name and the next time we saw him I would know it. Lo and behold, I remembered it. The spirit helped me. And he was really happy. It was cool.

ABBEY!!!!!!!!!! That's so awesome!! Keep working hard. That is so incredible that you made it. Guess how many sports your brother and I played for KJH. That's right. None. Granted they didn't have football or baseball. BUT. That's awesome. Even though you had to sacrifice other things, it just shows that sacrifice has rewards. I love you kid. Keep working hard so you can be the next (female) Jimmer. And you can play at BYU and not lose by 20 points against Utah.

Well y'all. Here's my week. 

We had a Mission Wide Christmas conference from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. It was awesome. We started with our monthly Mission President Fireside where missionaries bring investigators, and recent converts give testimonies and then a talk by President Toone. It was amazing. Breanna Port was there, and we talked to her after. We told her that we had felt the next needed step with her. We need to get her parents to the MPF in January. Yep. That'd be cool. We then had a conference of just missionaries all Monday. We focused on the different aspects of missionary work, and how Jesus Christ is in all of them. The temple President and his wife talked to us. And a stake President from Chandler I think. We then had a huge testimony meeting of miracles we have seen and learned. So I ended up not singing on Sunday. Turns out the sisters had a mix up and we sang on Monday night at our Mission Family Home Evening. It went really well. The conference was incredible. We stayed at an apartment in Mesa with the missionaries in the Mesa zone. 

Well minha familia, Eu amo voces muito. Espero quo todo esta bom com voces.

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

Oh yeah! so, Skype on Christmas. My companion is doing his at 10:30. Would we be able to do it at 11:30. We can't facebook about this. President said to do it over email. Or if that doesn't work, I have all day on Christmas. So send me a letter with the time you want to do it. I love you!

Selfie with Santa!!

Arizona Tempe Mission "Taylor" Gang!
Hermana, Sister and Elder Taylor!

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