Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthdays!

Minha Familia!              December 9, 2013

I am so glad you google Earth stalked me and found where I live. We all did the same thing in the MTC to our own homes! HA. The whole of Casa Grande is a lot like the Kaysville/Layton area. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!! I am sorry that I am currently unable to send anything for your birthdays. We have been very busy and honestly I have no idea what to send for Birthdays and Christmas. Maybe I'll send you a dollar from the country I am serving in. HA. I am so funny. I think I'll do that. But Abbey should get a letter today! and Mom will get one soon! 

Ooh. Abbey. Jonah. Nice.

Thanks for telling me about surgery the day of! I could have been praying for you this whole time! I hope all goes well. You can't do that to me. I saw "I have a little surgery today" and about peed my pants. Don't do that.

Things are going pretty well here. We have had quite a few members bring friends to church and other functions. One lady in our ward actually got married, and most people in the ward don't know. They just thought engaged. But now it's married! anyway, her husband is a minister at a Pentecostal church. His name is Sherman.  I love him. When they first started dating, Sherman told her not to read the Book of Mormon anymore and was against the church. But, she has kids and they would have family scripture study and the kids got to choose what book to read from each day. So they chose the Book of Mormon, and wisely, she chose to read Helaman  ch. 8. where it talks about the Bible prophets, and he was like "oh, I guess it's not so bad." He has been to church the last two weeks and LOVES it. He "amens" EVERYTHING. Not just amen. It's like "amen amen amen amen." It is hilarious. We have a lesson with him on Wednesday and I'm excited.

Well, I just wanted you all to know that my companion is awesome. 

We had Stake Conference this past weekend and it was about missionary work! Elder Kapishka, who is from Germany, and is a member of the Seventy, and also lives in Farmington, was there. And it was awesome, and he gave an incredible talk about the Atonement, and Sherman was there. So that's good.

I also had the chance to give a blessing on Saturday night. After the Adult session of Conference, A couple of the new sisters weren't feeling well. Emotionally. They aren't new, they just got transferred in, so they are new to me. Anyway, one has had heart problems, and asked for a blessing. Elder Fenton gave it, but after, one of the other sisters asked for a blessing and asked that I give it. I tell you what, there is a very special spirit in giving a blessing. In having words  come to you that  you would have never known to say without the spirit. It is awesome.

So that was my week! I love you all and hope you are having a grand ole time in Kaysville! I am glad that dad's non member friend commented! I hear the Gilbert temple is beautiful. I've only seen pictures. And if I get my visa before the dedication, that will be one of my first trips when I get home. It's the largest temple since which one? that's right. Bountiful. Awesome.

Eu amo voces!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

Never mind the shadows!! My pen got all festive!

Real rattle snake head that was in our freezer!  Cool!

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