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Party on in Casa Grande!

December 2, 2013

All is just dandy here in Casa Grande! We got transfer calls because it's already been 6 weeks here! Crazy. Well, nothing new. I am staying here in Casa Grande with Elder Fenton. And the 2 Elders we live with are staying. BUT, Almost all of the sisters in our district are getting transferred, and BOTH of our zone leaders. Crazy. One died (went home) and the other is getting transferred. Which stinks, cause I really liked our zone leaders. Anyway, PARTY ON IN CASA GRANDE.

We had our baptism!!!!!!! DJ is now a full on member of the church with the priesthood and everything!! It was awesome. Saturday was kind of crazy, but it was good. So the baptism was at 4, so we got there at 3 to fill up the font, and we told DJ and Colt, the one baptizing him, to be there at 3:30. Well, Colt got off work late and they didn't get there til 4:15. And President Toone came! We invited him since DJ is Samoan, and President served in Samoa. He was the only one in the room bigger and taller than DJ. Anyway, DJ and Colt are both big and tall. And the largest jumpsuits we had were XL. Colt fit in, but we could not get DJ to fit. Finally, we squeezed him in. By this time it was about 4:30 and I was just like what is goin on. But, I said a prayer, calmed down, and watched an awesome baptism. Colt leaves on his mission to Michigan next month, so we are now going to recruit DJ as a missionary buddy for us.

YOU WERE IN ARIZONA!? You can't do that to me. You can go through Arizona once I get my visa. Until then, sorry. Ha. My Thanksgiving was pretty good. We ended P-day early Monday and continued it Thursday. We could only go out if we had a dinner appointment. We had 2. And they were both really good food. One was really awkward because all of the extended family that was supposed to come was about an hour and a half late. So we just sat there waiting, then were like, "um yeah. We have another dinner we have to go to, so......." It was awkward. Then we had a zone activity. We party hard. We just played volleyball and things like that at the Stake Center. It was fun.

I am back on facebook and doing well. The homesickness creeps in every once in awhile, but as letters from my brother and sister have said this week, STOP IT. I need to focus on why I'm here, not just what I need to do. Thanks fools. BTW, Syd's letters are and always will be the best.

YES. (in reference to BYU beating USU.)

Hey Dad, maybe you should slow down. HA. Or just be cool like me and get pulled over on a closed road where the ticket is $750 but the cop lets you go with a warning. That was awesome. But scary.

This week has been a good'n. We have focused a lot on making sure we get the 20 OYM's (Open Your Mouth; Street contacts) every day. We didn't quite get it, but we had a lot of cool discussions with people. And we for some reason we keep running into preachers and ministers. Baptist, Methodist, Jehovah's Witness (that one was INTENSE. Not one actually. It's happened twice.) But it's fun. I wish people would just chill out and realize that if our message is true (which it is) this is the most important moment of their life.

We had 4 investigators at church. Members have been so good. Most of them that is. They are inviting friends. We had a lady invite her fiance. Sherman. He is a pentecostal minister. And He LOVED our church. He was "amen" ing EVERYTHING in Gospel Principles. And the other one that was invited was Tashika. And yes. I love it. She came up after with the member that invited her and wanted a Book of Mormon. We gave it to her and our number and invited her to read 2 Nephi 31. Woot. Woot.

So that's how things are here in House Big. Ha. Get it. Casa Grande. I'm funny.

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week.
Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

Elder Taylor, DJ, Elder Fenton
DJ's baptism day!

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