Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three weeks!

October 1, 2013

Actually, it's pretty crazy that it's already been 3 weeks. I actually am scheduled to depart exactly 3 weeks from yesterday, pending a visa. Tell The Goob to keep praying. I fasted for it Sunday. We'll see how it goes. 

The Portuguese is actually really good. We had our first 20 minute TRC on Thursday and I don't mean to brag, but we nailed it. It was actually really awesome. It was so nice to just get to go talk to real people! Not our teachers acting as investigators. Really though, it was so fun. It was an older couple and the wife was fluent in Portuguese, and the husband spoke very little. So we talked to her a lot and she was just so happy. She put on her evaluation that it was because we were so happy! I was so happy because I got to talk to a REAL person! We talked about families and fishing and got to know them for about 15 minutes. then gave a simple lesson on families can be forever. It was so awesome. I loved it.

So apparently president Hinckley said that if you read the BOM in a language and really study it, you will be fluent by the end. I guess it's a pretty famous quote. Well I had never heard it before, but now I have. So I started doing that. Cover 2 Cover. What up. I'm not even to the actual book of Mormon yet. It's hard, but I went to the bookstore and got a new triple comb that I could write English words in. I just write the English word above the Portuguese ones that I don't know. The Triples are only like 3 bucks with our missionary discount, so I also got a Spanish one for later in the mish. I think I might also get French so one day I can be cool. And Cultured. mainly cause I really want to be fluent in Spanish also and I wanna do a study abroad in France.

Seeing Trev was the It really was. If you fools ever get the chance to do that again, don't be 30 minutes late. IDK just a suggestion. But It really was awesome. He looks funny. JK. not funny. He has a little face. And Big T, you looked like you were in pain, so I hope this surgery goes well for you. How was your first BYU game? And thanks for scolding me. I hope I can even be half the missionary you were. Love you dude. Actually I HOPE I can be better, but even being half would make an amazing missionary.

I had a cool experience with my investigator though. He is a "cocaine addict." So we are trying to help him with that. His name Is Joao Madruga. I had a feeling to go buy a small O Livro De Mormon and a picture of Jesus. Keep in mind this isn't a real investigator. So I went and got them. In our second lesson, I challenged him to no do any drugs through our next lesson, and I gave him the Book and the picture. I told him to look at the picture whenever he wanted to use cocaine. He wouldn't even look at the picture at first because he was high when we got there. but eventually he took it and just kept looking at it and smiling as we talked about the Alma The Younger story. He said he would come to church with us Sunday. We haven't taught him yet this week so we don't know if he actually did or not. But after, My teacher told me he loved it and I'm not getting the book or the Picture back. Which is totally fine, it was only like 3 dollars total. And well worth it.

Hey Fools. If you cheat in school, EU VOU MATAR VOCES. ( I will kill you) There's a kid in my district who was homeschooled on the computer. He's a way nice kid. But guess how much he can speak in Portugues, or even English. None in Portuguese and not a whole lot in English. He told me his brother was really good with computers and figured out a way to cheat through all of high school. He was laughing as he said it and I wanted to punch him. It is extremely apparent that he has not developed the skill of learning from a teacher. So don't be like me either, Yeah I got a 3.5, but I could have very easily had anywhere from a 3.8-4.0. Work hard. You'll see later how worth it it really is. 

Abbey, feel free to write me and tell me how Junior High is!

Hailey, Same thing! except tell me how being a big bad sixth grader is.

Annie, you're such a cute little fart. I loved your picture! Did you write it all by yourself!? That would be really cool.

Syd, Thanks for eating with me. Eu amo Voce.

Eu Amo Voces!

Eu sei que a igreja e verdadeira!

Eu amo o Evangelho de Jesus Cristo.

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

                                                   Three musketeers meet at the MTC!

Two years - 40 minutes - two more years!

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