Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hola Chanchitas!!

Minha Familia.  Eu amo todos voces.

January 27, 2014

That's Spanish.  Look it up!

This week has been good!  Nothing too out of the ordinary for me either!  Except....we get to go to the open house!!  This past week we were informed of a rule change and we only get to go once with an investigator that we have already been working with and we have to have their fellowship there and a member has to give the ride.  But, we get to go!  We are actually going to be going with Breanna, her fellowship, and possibly Breanna's family!  Cool, huh?  We are either going the 5th or the 12th.  Cool.  I'm so excited.  But no, we don't do anything with it.  There is VERY little missionary involvement.

Mom, I promise I won't go swimming and do dumb things.  Sometimes I get crazy on my bike, but after crashing 3 times this week, I've calmed down a little.

And, yes.  I really did crash 3 times.

So, here's my story on my pants.  Background:  For some reason lately, I just feel like I don't really fit in there and I'm just "another missionary" to these people.  But it was cool to see otherwise.  So, I was having problems with my bike, and I crashed on Friday and my chain fell off.  That time I wasn't being crazy.  it was just dumb.  Well, when I crashed, I was wearing my tan pants.  I had to put the chain back on and I got a huge grease stain on my pants.  I had no idea how to get it out.  Well, we went to the church for a coordination meeting, and in the parking lot were the scout leaders and...one of our investigators!!  He lives right by the Church and he saw the gathering so he went and was talking to a couple of the members.  It was legit.  Anyway, one ward member noticed the stain and pointed it out.  And the investigator looked at me and says, "Hey, if you can't get the stain out, come to my house.  I wanna give you $40 dollars to get a new pair of pants.  When someone like you blesses your life, you just wanna be able to give back."  Now, we can't take money, but it was just so cool to have someone say that to me.  It was awesome!  The ward member then told me that he had some stuff that would get the stain out, and he told us to come by the house the next day.  So, we went by and he got to work and scrubbed hard and got the stain out.  Now, I know this was nothing bit, but it was just really cool to see people show care.  It made me feel good.  So that was cool.

Anyway, the work continues!  I love seeing the miracles out here every day.   Trev once told me to notice miracles every day.  So I do.  I actually write down 5 miracles every day.  Sometimes it seems like a stretch, but that's when I really see what the Lord is doing for us.

Love,  Elder Scott Jackson Taylor


Girl Scout Cookies!

Hipster Missionary on a long board!

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