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Oi Minha Familia!

November 18, 2013

Mom, first of all, that is THE best thing you can be doing. Encouraging others to help with you. I saw a lot of the stuff on facebook about the missionaries there. Colton Mouritsen's wife's dad. HA. Is a mission president there. I think in Cebu. So I saw a lot of stuff from her. It was such a relief to see all the missionaries were safe. I have a lot of friends in the Philippines right now, and was worried about them. I'm so glad they're ok.

Sorry if my spaces get weird. There's like gum or something under this space bar. It's gross. We're at the Casa Grande Public Library. Woot woot. 

Sadly, No. Breanna did not get baptized on Saturday. She talked to her parents on Wednesday, and the fears became reality. Her parents were not happy, and she is not allowed to see the missionaries, go to church, or go to any church activities. For a couple days, she wasn't even allowed to see her friend who is LDS. It is really sad, and we are now trying to figure out what we can do to keep her faith strong until she can be baptized.

So here's my story for you. Last P-day, we went and hiked Casa Grande Mountain. (Casa Grande Hill. It's not a mountain.) The fact that we were at the peak in 20 minutes means it is not a mountain. But this mountain is all rocks and cacti. Legit. After being on the top for awhile and talking and taking in the view, we decided to head back down. Elder Storrs and Elder Babcock, the elders we live with, were smart and retraced our steps. Elder Fenton and I were not so smart. We decided to go down the steep, fun looking part. We got about 20 feet and realized it was a bad idea. I slipped and went to catch myself, and got a Cholla cactus straight to the palm. Yep. About 10 seconds later, Elder Fenton slipped and got a couple in the hiney. Moral of the story, the fun looking way is not usually the real fun way. You will get hurt.

The temple. The mesa Temple looks like a greek building/Solomon's temple. It's so beautiful. It was so nice to have a chance to go. I had a lot of questions answered there, and the overwhelming feelings of peace had me sobbing in the celestial room. Thanks mom and dad for that gene. President Toone cries a lot, and always says, Darn Allergies. It's funny.

WE MADE CONTACT. Remember our investigator who saw the temple video and wasn't allowed to talk with us. Yeah, I messaged her on facebook. She is meeting with us today. I asked if she wanted to do a skype lesson and she said she wants to meet us in person. It was incredible. She was actually scheduled to be baptized at the beginning of this month, but then all the temple stuff happened.

So we are supposed to get at least 20 street contacts per day. We haven't been getting close to that. So we made it a focus a couple days ago. We met a guy named Gary who was working on his car. He lived in Salt Lake City for awhile, next door to a bishop. He loves mormons. He said to us, "I was never a Mormon, I don't know why though." He had a lot of health troubles in Utah and got priesthood blessings. He said that they helped everytime. I guess he hasn't been doing well lately and asked us if we could stop by and give him one. So we went back the next day, but it was not a good time I guess. His daughter was there, and he asked her if she wanted to be there. She stood up and said YES. She was super excited. We have that tonight also.

We also had a YSA member invite his friend to institute and church. His name is DJ. He came to both. We taught him yesterday, and invited him to read 2 Nephi 31 and pray about the truth of the Book of Mormon and our lesson. We called Colt, the member, last night to have him study some stuff to contribute to our lesson tonight. He told us DJ already read and prayed. DJ pulled Colt aside and said, "I feel so good right now." Yeah. Golden? Pretty much.

Anyway, There's my adventures. I love you all. 

Trev, good luck continuing to recover. I pray for you everyday.

Abbey and Hailey, good luck with basket ball and volleyball. I love you.

Annie. I love you. You're a goob.

Mom and Dad. I always love you. Thanks for taking care of me.

Syd, I love you. Work hard. Everything will be awesome.

Eu amo Voces muito!!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

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