Monday, September 1, 2014


September 1, 2014

Oh.  This week was good.  Yeah.  It was real good.


Saturday was awesome!  I knew I was feeling the Spirit because BYU won the night before.  HA.  And we had the opportunity to see Danielle and Arlete get baptized.  I had the opportunity to baptized Danielle and Elder Digiorgio baptized Arlete.  It was awesome.  A member bought pizza for us after and everything.  It was also really cool because we had Jaqueline there.  The other investigator that wants to get baptized.  But she's seeing some family problems.  The two talks were from members who ha problems with family because of their baptisms, but they talked about how it's worth it.  Family is the second most important thing.  Keeping the commandments is first.  When the two line up, and Phil from Duck Dynasty say, "Now we're cooking with peanut oil."

But seriously it was awesome.

This week was so good.  We had a lot of lessons.  And a lot of fun.  We were able to get started in our ward a Family Home Evening once a week, and it's going really well.  and we are teaching an English class that had 16 people this week.  That's a lot for a Church English class that just started.  It's been super good.

Friday we had to et permission in writing from Arlete's husband to baptize her.  It was intense.  He likes to drink a drink called "Pinga".  It's like whiskey but with even more alcohol.  It's crazy.  It's what the alcoholics drink.  We had a lesson with her during the afternoon but he wasn't home, but we had a member with us.  I asked to use the bathroom, and had a feeling to say a prayer.  I said "if he needs to be drunk, let him be drunk, if he needs to be sober, let him be sober, but please let us baptize Arlete."  Well, the Lord answered my prayer and I think he was a little drunk.  But, he gave permission and Arlete was baptized!  He says he still wants nothing, but give it time and he'll join too.

Great to hear about the BYU game.  I would love pictures from you all.  Like, a little something every week would be cool.  (HINT, HINT.  I LIKE PICTURES)

I love you all.  This week was super good.  We had the chance to sing hymns for Irmao Anor for his birthday.  He's actually making a lot of progress towards baptism.  We don't teach him, but we had an influence.  And, he's going really good.  The missionaries that each him are incredible.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

This is us after the service and our Bishop took a picture.
We're so hot!  #boavistacrew

I have also been having an adventure called an ingrown toenail.  YAY!
This was my return visit.  I don't know that it really did anything but hurt.
But now it's hopefully gone.  HA  She cut it out without any numbing stuff.  
YAY Brasil!!

So, I knew that if BYU football didn't start this last week, it would start this week.  
But it's good to hear that they DESTROYED!!
We had some service to do Saturday, so I wore my BYU with price
This picture is for you to remember EVERY TIME BYU scores, remember that I'm cheering with you!

Division selfie with Elder Barlow!


This is Arlete and Danielle.  They got baptized on Saturday!

I smell agua!!

August 24, 2014

This week was really good.  We had 29 lessons.  I've never had 29 lessons in a week before.  It was awesome.  We also did 214 contacts.  Holy Cow!!

We have been working a lot with a woman named Arlete.  She'll get baptized this Saturday.  It's been pretty cool to see the faith of my little greenie.  HA.  Because she basically contacted us in the street.  This was last week.  When she did, she started crying and she wasn't making any sense.  And I just thought, "great.  Another crazy."  But, we marked an appointment with her for the next day.  It turns out, she is a little bit crazy.  And awesome!  She has accepted everything.  She has a pretty rough life, but she accepts the gospel and is already 2 for 2 on going to Church since we started teaching her.  She's super excited for Saturday.

We also are teaching a girl named Danielle, I think I've told you about her.  Well, last transfer, she was supposed to get baptized, but didn't.  She didn't feel that she has received a testimony.  but yesterday, for the first time, (she's been going to Church for 6 months) she showed her faith and went alone.  Because her boyfriend was working.  Normally she doesn't go without him.  but we talked to her Saturday and she went.  It was awesome.  She will also get baptized this Saturday.

We are also teaching a girl name Jaqueline.  She was a referral from another girl in the ward.  She has already been to Church 3 times, just not in our ward.  HA.  Our building has 2 wards and she went to the other ward.  but she will also get baptized this week.

We are also teaching a couple called Laissa and Lucas that are 19 years old and have a child named Arthur.  He's crazy and he has caused quite the party with the children in Sacrament meeting the last 2 weeks.  We're trying to help calm him so that his parents can focus.  They are awesome and super excited to get married and baptized.

The other companionship had a baptism this week.  It was awesome.  It was the first baptism their area has had in over a year.  This ward is changing a lot.

It's good to hear about all your little adventures.  I'm super jealous that you can go to the temple.  The closest temple to Aracatuba is about 6 hours away by car.  It's about 2 hours from Ribeirao Preto.  So we don't get a temple trip, because ti's about 2 missions away.  But one day.....HA.

Have fun at school!!  That's so weird that it's starting again.  Enjoy the cooler weather.  It already feels like the middle of summer here, and it only gets hotter.  Seriously,  technically it's still winter here and it was about 90 degrees this week.  It hits 120 during the summer.  YAY!

I love you all!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor


August 18, 2014

Holy cow.  What a week!!

I really can't tell you how great this week was.  We had a lot of success and we are seeing a lot of progress not just with our investigators, but with this ward, too.  Normally the attendance is around 4-45.  The last three weeks (before this one) have been 51, 52, 51, and this week.......55!  It was incredible.  We had the privilege of bringing SEVEN investigators to Church.  That's the most I've ever had on my mission.

I've felt the Spirit a lot more this week.  That's been a huge blessing.  I've been able to look back and see a huge change i myself.  Even though I still have man childish moments, I'm not a child any more.

We had the privilege of meeting a special lady this week.  ELECT.  Holy cow.  We walked by her in the street, stopped and said hi, and she poured out her life story.  She's a little crazy.  And a little awesome at the same time.  When we set an appointment, I just thought, "great, another crazy."  But, my companion was quick to correct me and keep going.  We taught her and she accepted a baptismal date and everything.  Then she did something that only elects do.  SHE WENT TO CHURCH AS A NEW INVESTIGATOR.  Yeah.  And we showed up to her house for a second lesson and the first thing she said was, "I will get baptized day 30."  Yeah.  Elect.  Her husband is usually drunk and she has a pretty rough life, but she in one of the most humble people I've met.  She calls us her little angels of Jesus.  Wow.  for reals though, what an honor.

We also had the privilege to start teaching Jaqueline.  She was invited by a friend and has already been to Church 3 times.  The only problem, she went to the other ward in our building.  HA.  but she's incredible too.

We also are teaching Lucas and Laissa.  They are a couple that they are both 19 years old and have a child that's 1.5.  And he's HUGE.  HA!  Arthur.  I love them.  They went to Church, but they didn't just do that, LUCAS INVITED HIS MOM!  We didn't even say anything, and he invited her.  And she went and loved it!

What a week.  Week of miracles and blessings.  Aline is solid and Luana, her daughter, will get baptized when she turns 8 next month.

Holy cow.  What a blessing it is to be serving here right now.

I love you all.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

I wonder if this is really how it feels to have children.....

August 11, 2014

Bom Dia!

Holy cow what a week!  I can't lie, it's been a long one.

Last Sunday I went to Ribeirao to pick up my verdinho (greenie, which verdinho also means booger,  HA).   And it was a long trip.  When we went and emailed on Monday, I plugged my device in with my memory card and sent some pictures.  Well, in the rush of things, I forgot to remove it.  We returned to the LAN HOUSE later, but someone already took it.  Yeah for honest people right?  So, the pictures that I have of the last 11 months are the ones that I have sent home.  Sad day!  But, it's all good.  Sadly, I haven't yet bought another memory card, so I don't have any pictures to send of my filho.  The next day, I was still in Ribeirao, and guess what happened, somewhere between the assistant's house and the mission home, the pants to my suit fell, and we never did end up finding them.  So, there's that.  It was quite the trip.

but now I have my son, and.........

He's Brazilian!!  His name is Elder Digiorgio from Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.  It's in the South of Brasil.  And the people from the south are white.  So we get asked a lot if we're both Americans.  He served a mini mission before in the Florianopolis misison, so he already knows a little bit of what's going on.  But now he gets to learn a lot of bit what's going on.  This week was good.

But it's really hard training.  I tell you what.  I don't know that I really know what I'm doing.  HA  But it's all good.  I know the Lord will help with everything.

This week was pretty crazy.  Because of transfers and everything, we didn't get to our area until Wednesday night.  President didn't want us to travel all night again, so we didn't leave Ribeirao until Wednesday morning.  And then the 7 hour bus ride.  YAY.  But our first lesson was a good one.  Our investigator's name is Batista.  Which means Baptist.  He is the husband of an actvie member.  This is not the first time that I have been in this situation, but it is the first as the senior companion.  The lesson went really well.  And we have another with him tonight.  When one member heard that we taught him, she said "Wow.  Could it be that it will be you two that finally make this miracle happen?"  I know it's not me that makes miracles happen, ti's our Heavenly Fatjer.  But, we are fasting and praying and working to be worthy of this miracle.  They've been married nine years, and it's time for them to be an eternal family, not just a family.

This week was quite the week.

It only goes up from here.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor
PS  Dad has to sen pictures.  Holy trip of a life time!!

I'm having a baby!

August 4, 2014

Good MOrning from Ribeirao Preto!! Yep!  I'm back in Ribeirao.  but just for today and tomorrow.  and I'm really tired because I was on a bus all night long.  Whoo!!

Why am I in Ribeirao?  Because apparently I was pregnant.  Yep.  I'm having a filho (son).  I have been called to be a trainer.  For those who don't know, a trainer gets a brand new companion, fresh out of the MTC, and teaches him the ways of a misisonary.  It's a lot of pressure and I'm kind of freaking out.  I still don't know what language he speaks.  Because if he's not Brazilian, we might have some trouble understanding our investigators.

Elder J. Fernandez was transferred.  I will still be in Boa Vista -B with my filho.  I really can't wait.  As nervous as I am, I am also super excited.  A trainer has a big influence on your mission.  At least in the beginning.  That means it's my opportunity to teach by example.  Which is the best way to teach.  Really, it's the only way to teach, because actions speak louder than words.

Pray for me.

And all the other missionaries.


AND GUESS WHAT?????????WE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aline got baptized on Thursday.  It was incredible.  We ran into some trouble last week, but it was decided to go forward with the interview and everything was good to go.  We visited her EVERY DAY and made sure she was good to go.  It has been incredible to see the change in her.  Thursday she had a final interview, and all was good.  Except that her mom got really anxious and started to kind of dis on the missionaries.  I think someone said something not true to her.  People.  But sadly, it was bad enough that the mom didn't come to the baptism.  but she's ok now.  We talked to her after Church on Sunday.  but, the baptism was awesome.  Saturday morning, she asked me to baptize her.  It was so cool.  It's the first time in my life I have had the opportunity to baptize someone.  And I hope ti won't be the last.  Here on the mission it's ok if I don't because it's awesome when members do, but when I get home.......#membermissionarywork.
She got confirmed on Sunday and all that jazz.  Her daughter, Luana, will get baptized when she turns 8 in September.

And this transfer is gonna be great.  We've got some good stuff set up.  We decided to finally visit and talk to a husband of a member.  They've been married 9 years but he's never really been taught by missionaries.  We were at their house for lunch and he asked what the Book of Mormon is.  so we explained a little and marked a return.  He's had a couple missionaries visit but it's never really gone right.  But this time it will.  They need to be a family forever.

I love you all.  Thank you for all you do.
PS  I went to the mission home this morning and guess what!!!  Your package arrived!!!!!!!  Whoo.  I will open it tonight.  There were also two letters.  One from Mom and one from Dad.  My parents are the best.  I love them.  I'm sorry I don't write you as often.  It's a lot harder to find time to write on p-day than it was in Arizona.   But I still love you!

Have a great week!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

Us with Aline and Luana.  She turns 8 in September and will also get baptized!!

Batismo de Aline!!! It was the first time in my life I have 
had the opportunity to actually baptize someone. 
 It was incredible!!


Me and Aline!!  Saturday morning she asked if I would baptize her!

This is my sexy face.  On a "motorcycle" that a member made.
He's 6 years old!