Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Five months. WHAT!

February 10, 2014

Hey yo.  Tomorrow is Five Months since I left.  I was set apart Five months ago tonight.  WHAT!!  Time flies when you're serving.  It's CRAZY!

Sounds like life in Kaysville is treatin you fools pretty well!  Dad, I'm jealous.  What is it with you and all these Apostles lately?

That's actually really cool that you got to go to that.  I love the temple.  We're going Wednesday - And Thursday!  Woot. woot!  Wednesday is our day to go to the Mesa Temple as a zone.  Then we're going to the Gilbert Open House on Thursday!!  I'm so excited.  We are going with an investigator and her fellowship family!  I'll let you know hot it goes.

Yes.  President Walton is still that Stake President.  We're actually going to his house today!! Zone activity.  They have a volleyball net, basketball court, and a batting cage.  So, it should be quite fun.  haven't gotten to swing a bat in awhile.  He was at our ward on Sunday and he came up to me and said, "I know someone you know."  He told me it was a Lifferth.  I knew that I know that name!!!  I could not remember who was a Lifferth, but I knew I recognized that name.  That's cool!

Sounds like a party.  I am sending a birthday present today!  You'll like it.  It's actually for Mom, Abbey, Hailey and Annie.  you'll each get one.  Be excited.

This week has been pretty cool.  I think I told you about Sister Burton last week.  Anyway, we taught her twice this last week, and she is very receptive.  She is on date for march 8th!  She came to Church again Sunday.  So on Friday, we taught her about the book of Mormon and gave her a  new copy.  She came Sunday and said that she was already on chapter 4!  legit!

Another cool one this week.  So, one of our investigators really wants to get baptized, but she's on probation.  She we've taught her for awhile.  She's been coming to Church for probably about 7 months.  Since before I got here  anyway.  This past week, she caught her fiance' who is LDS, cheating on her.  I thought that would immediately turn her away from the Church.  But, she had a dream this past week about baptism.  She talked to Heavenly Father in the dream and he told her that she couldn't wait for someone to help her out.  She would have to do the work alone or it wouldn't get done.  So, she turned even more to the Church!  It was awesome!  She has an interview with President this week to see if we can baptize her while still on probation, due to the circumstances.

Well, I hope all is well there in Kaysville, Provo, Orem!  It's so weird that Trevor is at college!  I still see him a Senior in high School.

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

P.S.  My Valentine is the Book of Mormon.  Yeah.  That's right!

This dog is named Brooklyn.  After the Brooklyn Dodgers!
She didn't want a picture with me!


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