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Hola Mi Familia!

November 25, 2013

Yes, I have switched languages. Not really. But I'm actually learning a little bit of Spanish. I actually made a street contact in Spanish. The guy was really old, and didn't speak English. So I kind gave him some SpaniGuese. One of our zone leaders taught me some spanish, and I used that. It was legit.

It's nice to see you are all busy and well! I hope all is well in the house and with the Taylor Family. Dad, that has got to be really cool to see the immense power of the Atonement work on someone who has been excommunicated. The power of the Atonement is real. I know it. And NO ONE is ever out of the reach of God's grace. BUT, they must repent and do what he has asked.

It's just been a party down here by the border. It's really weird to think how close I actually am to Mexico.But then I look around, and I say, "yep. I'm definitely close to Mexico." (there's a lot of Mexicans. And it makes me want to speak Spanish.) I do like it here. There is just something weird about Casa Grande. Like really, there's some weird stuff here. Just random things that happen that make you wonder what the Heck is in the water here. But it's great.

DJ!!! I am so excited for this guy. It's so cool to be sitting and teaching people who also just graduated. He is 18 and he now goes to CAC. Central Arizona College. Which doesn't make sense, AT ALL. We're not even close to the Center of Arizona. Anyway. He's been doing missionary work since before our first lesson. After our past YSA experiences, we made sure he had already told his parents. He invited them to his baptism after our first lesson. He is waaay ahead of us. We invited him yesterday to invite his friends to his baptism, yeah he had already done all that too. And did I mention he is the Heir to the Chief of Samoa? Yeah. He is the next chief of his village and his village is the head village of Samoa. He is also bringing us Thanksgiving food. He said, "you have not had Thanksgiving until you've had a polynesian Thanksgiving." He's awesome.

Other than DJ, we haven't had any progressing investigators. My companion calls it "the non-committal generation." We really need to work on making contact everyday so that our investigators remember their assignments. We don't give them just to give them. We give them because they are inspired principles that will truly help them. It's hard to get them to really understand that.

We have a cool experience in the works. It will happen. I know it will. We met with Bob this week. Last week, Bob told us we could talk to him, and he would believe us, but we won't be able to change him. Challenge accepted. Our lesson with him went an hour and a half. We talked a lot about the restoration. He really likes to go on tangents. Mainly about how much he dislikes Obama. It's funny. But he wouldn't really commit to anything, so I pulled out a Book of Mormon and just said, "I want you to read this. And pray and really ask God if it is true. Really ask him and find your answer." He gave the classic "what if I don't get one?" I've been scared of this. It seems that some people don't get it immediately, so they feel they don't have one. But I looked him in the eyes and just said "you will. I know you will." And I know he will. And I expect a call soon, asking when he can be baptized. 

We also had an awesome experience on Thursday. Before interviews, President Toone talked about the Gilbert Temple and the Open House coming up. Sadly, we as missionaries are not to be seen at the Open House. They are treating it like the Salt Lake Olympics, where they are welcoming, but do not want people to feel as if they are being tricked into meeting with missionaries. But, it will result in Missionary work. He said "it will be a pentecostal experience." Meaning we will literally feel the presence of God as this temple is being dedicated. I am so excited. I still can't decide if I wanna be here for the dedication. That's 6 months into my mission. Crazy. It would be awesome though.

Tem uma boa semana minha familia!

Good luck with all! Know that I am praying for all of you! and I am so grateful for your prayers.

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

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