Thursday, February 6, 2014


Ha ha!  What is up minha familia!  HA!  I act like I know Portuguese, I don't.  This past week has actually been really good, but really hard.  I can't speak this language very well, I just have a hard time remembering words and phrases.  I can understand it really well, though.  I'm just not use to this, my whole life I have understood things immediately.  It's hard to not get it yet.  I pray every day, multiple times, in Portuguese and English that I will be able to understand and speak this language.  Considering I haven't even been here for an entire week, I think I'd say I'm doing pretty good.

I hope you know I haven't teared up at all.  Until I read your email about Annie.  Now I see why Trev Always talks about her in his emails.  What a cute little fart!  Tell her I'll be home before she knows it and we'll all be able to be home and have ice cream and she won't have to cry.  I would say I miss you kids, but I'd be lying.  Just kidding!  I do miss you, but I've been away for longer periods of time than this so I don't know that it's really hit yet that it's going to be 2 FULL YEARS.  Eu am voces (I love you all)

Mom, you would be sooooooo proud of me. and dad.  Guess where I went on Sunday, and I'm going tonight.  Yep, you got it right.  CHOIR!  And, guess what else, It's actually where I've felt the spirit here the most.  There's just nothing like hearing a bunch of sister missionaries sing Joseph Smith's First Prayer.  Oooh.  It was so good.  We are singing it tonight in the Marriott Center for a devotional.  And our "investigator" told us he saw Elder Holland yesterday at BYU.  DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL THAT WOULD BE!!!!!!  I would poop my pants.  

GUESS WHAT MOM.  Other than our district fast (for our visas) on Sunday, I have eaten oatmeal at breakfast every day.  Yeah, picture of health right here.  Not really.

So we've already taught 3 lessons in Portuguese.  Kind of.  It's so hard.  I can't speak it very well at all.  I can understand it really well.  But, I can't remember words when I try to speak.  It's coming along alright, I guess.  I've just been super frustrated though.

We went to the temple this morning.  That was cool.  I've done 6 sessions in my life.  In 6 different temple.  Maybe I'll get my visa by Tuesday and my next one will be in Sao Paulo.  That would be so insane and so awesome.

The email is still not done, but I have to go check my laundry.  peace out.

OK, well actually there's really not a whole lot more to write about.  I got your package.  And that blanket is heaven.  I think it might be too big, but I will sacrifice stuff to get it there.  And Dad, I got your letter!  Hey noobs.  Feel free to write more than once a week.  That would be totally fine.  I also got a package from Nat.  And letters from Bishop, Kate Simpson, and Michelle Meyer.  Ah, I miss my friends.  I thought I was done with good-byes, little did I know.  Two really good friends, Dallin Tidwell and Cade Johnson were here and I saw them and talked with them a lot.  But they both left to France and Japan yesterday.  Made me really sad to say good-bye.  

Well, Ciao!  I love you all ! Eu amo Voces!  Eu sou muito grato por minha familia!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

Also, use too.  I get the letters same day.  And Abbey and Hailey - I love you fools!

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