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October 8, 2013

No, we did not watch conference in the Marriott Center. I would have shot myself. Those seats for 10 HOURS. Nao bom. We watched in 19M. It's the devotional building. It's also the gym but it gets transformed for devotionals. It's huge. We watched all 5 sessions in there. It was so good. I hope y'all fools got some good stuff out of it like I did. And no, I don't think any conference can beat how well I paid attention when President Monson was all like nbd missionaries can be 18 now. But I did pay attention. I probably only slept a total of half an hour instead of half of each session.

What were some of your favorite messages? Also, is sister Kordziemon in MoTab? Cause I kept seeing a lady that I swear was her. I also saw Christine Barlow's mom and Sister Stephens and Brother Atwater. It was weird. I feel like I'm still at home but in another world at the same time. 

Thanks for your letters homeslices. They make me smile. 

But really. How fat are you trying to make me? I think you are trying to put me at pleasently plump with all the candy. Then I get a package from the Archibald's that tells me I need to be a sumo wrestler!. They PACKED that box full of food. Name a candy and it probably wasn't in there, but there were a lot of candies.

This week was just dandy. About the exact same as the last 3 weeks. It just gets better and better and better and better and better. See how many times I said better? yeah, that's about the MTC is, that same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It's starting to get really boring. But I'm getting better at Portuguese so that's good.

We went to the Temple this morning. The temple is always grand. I hate to say that I was a classing close to the temple story. I did not go near enough. Abbey, I'm giving you a challenge. Just like I tell my "investigator" who is addicted to cocaine, it will be hard, but I promise you can do it and I promise you will be so happy. Go to the temple Ab. EVERY WEEK. And I know for a fact that it's possible because I had friends who did it. We live so close, that I don't know how I justified not going enough. You can literally see it from our city! There's other kids here that lived 30 minutes to and hour away and went every week. Please go. And Hailey, you turn 12 soon, so go with her.

Alright family, I have a challenge for all of you. And I'm doing it myself. Granted I'm a missionary so it's easy. But it's so easy anyway. They have pocket sized copies of the Book Of Mormon. They are exactly $4. They have them at Deseret Book. Go get one. All of you. And you take it with you EVERYWHERE you go. It's P-day and it's in my back pocket right now. This doesn't have to be for you to give away. This is for you. You keep it in your pocket. Yeah it's a little bulge in your pocket. But it's worth it. Whenever you are bored, frustrated, happy, sad, whatever. It's right there in your pocket. You pull it out and read it. Do It. I calculated it, it will cost Dad approximately 28 dollars. (including Sydnee and Annie) AND IT WILL BE WORTH EVERY SINGLE LITTLE PENNY. I wish I would have done that before too. It's so convenient too cause it's just so little! Now they need to make a pocket sized in Portuguese. That would be nice. Right Trev?

Trev, I'm sorry that doctors are dumb. Take care of yourself. It stinks that you had to come home when you did, but obviously there is a reason. I am supposed to get reassigned next Thursday, as much as I wanna go to Brazil, if I do not get my Visa by then I know there is a reason, and I will serve the St. George mission to the best of my abilities.

Abbey, how's eight grade? and I'm sorry you had to get braces. That's stinky. And fool if you don't get enough reading pages I will take frontrunner home and kick your butt. Then I will come back. But it's the EASIEST part of the grade! Read my books in the basement! they're all way good!

HAILEY. Big bad sixth grader. Whassup. How's the sixth grade life? Is it all you ever dreamed and more? Don't ever get discouraged about homework or anything. My sixth grade teacher said these exact words to me, "you can't even do this with one teacher how are you supposed to do it with seven!?" And I now have $2,200 from Utah State so jokes on her.

Love you all!

Eu amo voces! A igreja e verdedeira e o livro e azul!

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense withour accents but you can't do accents on google mail. Amo Voces!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Tayor.

Utah to Arizona to Brazil!

Mesa Arizona temple at 7:00 am!

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