Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hey there, it's getting chilly! I don't mean the weather, I mean your attitude, silly!

January 20, 2014

Ola Minha familia! Como voces estao?

It's really not getting chilly.  Except in the mornings.  Then it's cold.  But other than that, it's the exact opposite.  It feels so hot.

I'm still here in Casa Grande!  We had transfers on Wednesday and I got my novo companheiro.  It is Elder Andra.  He is from the one and only Rexburg, Idaho.  Weird to not be with someone from Oregon.  He's been out just over a year.  Elder Fenton went to Awhatukee.  It's right below Phoenix.

Well, things here are going well.  This week was tough but good.  We did some cleaning up of the area book.  And it's been really slow.  Since I'm the one who knows the area, I had to plan out where to go and who to visit and all that good stuff.  It's safe to say I had no idea what I was doing.  But it went well anyway.  Things with Joann are in a rough spot right now.  But they'll pick upl  We were able to get in contact with and teach a few investigators this weekend that we haven't gotten to in awhile.  It was nice to sit down with them and really get what's going on.  Elder Andra is really good at establishing why we're there and we're not just at someone's house for a fun time or a simple talk.  We're there to leave commitments to help them grow in their faith.

Well, tell Elder Ballard that it is warm here.  I can't believe it.  Middle of January and we hit 77 degrees yesterday.  I should have taken a picture.  That sounds like it was an incredible conference.  It's not every day you get to shake hands with or even see an apostle!!

So, yesterday was awesome.  The work has been really slow, and it's been really tough.  So, we fasted yesterday, specifically for one of our investigators, but also for our are.  Yesterday we had 5 non-members at our family ward.  A part-member family that has been saying they're coming for the past 8 weeks finally came!  We have a lesson with them tomorrow.  And an investigator and her 9-year old son.  And another investigator!  It was so awesome.  The 5th was an eternigator who is there every week, but he will get baptized soon.

Then there was the YSA branch.  A less active girl who runs cross country for CAC came.  And she brought a non-member friend!  She was in the cafeteria Sunday morning, and found Alex.  Alex is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He came to the US as a refugee 3 years ago and a coach at CAC found him and recruited him.  The coaches were showing him around Sunday and they took him to the cafeteria for him to start going on his own.  Maris, the girl, found him and said he looked so lost.  she was with her parents and they helped him around and invited him to church!  They said the whole ride to church he was just saying, "thank you, thank you!  I was so scared I was going to be with the people that drink and party.  Thank you!"  So, President Hancock talked to him about the Church and gave him a Book of Mormon and invited them all to FHE tonight.  It was so cool.

Well peeps, that's my week.

Love you all!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

Arizona Sunsets - legit!

Leanin' on a cactus!

This is Wayne.  I love him!  He wrote us a message.  It says:
"We love the missionaries!"
I picked him up by his ears once and now every time he sees me he asks me to do it again!

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