Monday, February 2, 2015


February 2, 2015

Ha....Well, the big news in Americo Brasiliense this week that EVERYONE was talking about.  A really rich dude that lives close to the church got kidnapped and ransomed.  He is now home and safe.  He's the owner of a bunch of gyms here.  And his Dad is also super rich and owns a bunch of stuff so the robbers got away with a lot.  but the police are on it....

That's the fun of this week.  We did find some pretty cool investigators this week.  Jiani and Laura.  They are from the Bahia.  For those of you who know Brasil, Bahianos are crazy.  They're hilarious.  Josenita, my recent convert in Vila Virginia is also from Bahia.  The're awesome!

Things are tranquilo here in Americo.  There's not a whole lot of big news.  So that's kind of it for now.  Sorry that this email is so short!!!  There will be more in the weeks to come!!

We weren't in our area very much this week.  We were in Araraquara helping clear the list of less actives.  there are over 900 registered members in the second ward.  But only about 130 active.  So we went looking.  It's sad to see how many don't want anything to do with the Church any more because they now have "their own doctrine."  It's not about having our own doctrine people!!!!!  It's about the doctrine of Christ!!  We would be dead with our own doctrine.  Me and Elder Inacio talked a lot about that this week.  a lot of people don't believe that there exists an absolute truth.  Just whatever you believe is your truth.  That is one of Satan's greatest lies.  There is always a truth and just because we don't believe it, doesn't make it not true!!!!

Ha.  That's my rant for the week.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor


January 26, 2015

Well hey there family.

There's not all that much to tell you this week.  I'm in a brand new area that is searching for a lot of new investigators.  It's a whole new challenge and I feel humbled that the Lord is trusting me with it.  It'll be a great experience and I know the Lord will guide me.

My companion is Elder Inacio from Joao Pessoa, Brasil.  It's a beach city.  Maybe I'll visit after my mission. :)  He goes home in about 3 months.  He's been here for 4 months and loves the branch here.  AND HE SPEAKS ENGLISH.  perfectly!  ha.  When we're with Brasilians and he has to say something secret, he say sit in English!  I love having a companion that speaks English.  It's so nice.

The branch here is really cool.  The branch president is really cool.  A lot of youth have been baptized in the last years so it has a good youth program and they are really strong.  It's about the same size as my last ward.  Which gives me curiosity.  I had never paid attention to the number of attendance before my mission.  Dad, what's our ward's attendance?  I've wondered that for awhile.

We found a couple cool investigators this week and hopefully will have some SWEET news here in the future!

But for now, that's all folks!!

I love you all and know the Church is true.  All of us have our agency to be happy or not.  So as Gordon B.Hinckley said, "You can be wise and happy, or stupid and miserable, the choice is yours."SO CHOOSE WISELY!  "WE ARE ALL FREE TO CHOOSE LIFE ETERNAL OR ETERNAL MISERY."  (2 Nefi 2:27)

Love,Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

Me and my new homeboy companion Elder Inacio!!


January 19, 2015

Well my family, it happened.  It's super surreal and it actually happened.  After 5 transfers, I left Boa Vista.  It was kind of hard to leave.  When I got there, I really didn't much like the ward and the people there.  They were really closed off to the missionaries and weren't much excited to do anything.  but, as you've seen from my last emails, they have completely changed.  It has been incredible.  And the Bishop even cried that I left.

I am currently in Araraquara.  That's the big city and the zone I'm in.  Remember how Ribeirao Preto to Aracatuba was like Kaysville to St. George?  Well, now it's like I got transferred back to Brigham City.  That's how long it is.  Other side of the mission.  I will be serving in a little city outside of Ararquara called AMERICO BRASILIENSE.  Still as District Leader.  It's just a branch there.  ha.  When I heard that, I got kind of nervous.  Then I heard the attendance.  It's more than our ward in Aracatuba.  That'll be interesting.  Haha.  Everyone says it's a really good zone.  there doesn't exist anywhere in our mission that isn't ridiculously hot, but it's not quite as hot as Aracatuba.  Aracatuba is just ridiculously hot and I don't understand why someone would choose to live in that kind of hear.  hahah!

But this last week was good.  We just worked likenormal, especially with less actives.  When we got the transfer calls, we had to get everything lined up for Elder Hudson, who stayed in the area as senior companion.  It'll be interesting.  We thought he would leave, but he's still there, so he doesn't really know the area.  He's been three 3 weeks.  haha

I'm also currently with just a couple other missionaries.  There's one other Elder going to Americo, and he missed the bus from Ribeirao Preto to Araraquara.  I'm still not quite sure how.  he was righ there with us and he disappeared.  so the Zone Leaders had to go back and get him as he waited with all the other missionaries in Ribeirao Preto.  so, I still haven't met my new companion.  But I know his name is Elder Inacio.  I think they said he is from Joao Pessoa, Brasil.  It'll be SWEET!

It was pretty interesting to go say by e to all my recent converts there in Boa Vista.  We also visited the Bishop and a couple other members.  And I gave Bishop a framed picture of his son's baptism.  It was awesome.  A couple months ago, I did not want to leave there because I was scared of just having to leave these recent converts in the ward's hands.  But as I left, I knew that they would be COMPLETELY taken care of.  They are working a lot already to prepare Yuichi for a mission and he is progressing well toward it.  I pray that he goes and changes lives.  They also gave 2 other RecentConverts callings.  That's something that has not happened there ins a LLOOOONNNNGGGG time.

I love you all and hope you are all well in all parts of the world.  I'm sorry if I couldn't respond to your email individually tis week.  I'm in a hurry in a city that I don't know.  And I've been on a bus for 8-9 hours, and now I have gas.  HAHAHA!  I'm so funny.

But for realsies.  I love you all.  I have a lot of pictures to send you all next week.  But I packed away my camera chord.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

The crew 

The ice cream I ate before leaving Boa Viasta!!

The Miracle of January

January 12, 2015

So, here's the story of the week.

The last couple weeks, we have done a fast each week to be able to baptize one more this transfer, here's what happened.

Monday, January 6, 2015.  P-day was normal.  We started working.  At about 7:15, we got a call from the Stake President.  He said "Elders, I have someone for you that wants to be baptized this Sunday."  We just were like, um....WHAT?  He continued to tell us that he had received a call from the Bishop's oldest son, Heleno, wanted to do a surprise for his dad this Sunday and not tell him until Sunday.  So, he gave us his number and we called him and set up a lesson for the next day.  He doesn't live in this city.  He lives in a small city about an hour away that doesn't have the Church.  so, he is part of our ward as the Bishop's son.  We taught him and didn't even have to invite him to baptism because he had already chosen the day and everything.  He hadn't wanted to get baptized in the past because he just knew that he still liked to go drinking with friends, but finally decided that he wanted to change that.  We taught him a couple days later and had his interview.  We taught him the first 4 lessons in 2 lessons with him.

On Sunday, when the Elders Quorum started, Bishop went with the Young Men like normal, so we took Heleno to get changed into baptismal clothes.  We had some one call Bishop back into the quorum, and we entered behind him and told him that we had a surprise.  In walked his son in white, holding another baptismal suit and gave it to his dad and asked him to baptize him.  They just hugged and cried and it was awesome!  The baptism happened immediately after and it was loaded.  EVERYONE stayed for this baptism.  It was awesome!

During the meeting.  I kind of caught a glimpse of the future.  One of our young men was ordained a Teacher by his dad, and during the prayer, I closed my eyes and saw a little of the future.  Me ordaining my ow son.  It was awesome.  I can't wait to have my own family and love them and take care of them like my dad has.  I have the best Dad in the world.  He is my hero and my example.

I also had a cool experience during sacrament meeting.  There were 79 people in Sacrament.  When I got here, the average per week was 46.  I looked out at the congregation and just felt that I had done what the Lord needed of me in this area.  We get transfer calls this Friday and I don't think I'll stay here.  it would be my sixth transfer here.  So, it could happen, but I don't think so.

This week was awesome.  IF FINALLY GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S PACKAGE.  Along with 9 letters.  It was AWESOME!  I love the new shorts and BYU shirt.  AND THE NIKE SOCKS.  I LOVE NIKE SOCKS.  It was the best.

I love you all and hope you all are happy.  PRAY FOR PARIS.  Everyone here is talking about what has been happening there.  A member even showed us a video of one of the police men being killed.  It was awful.

The Church is true, the book is blue.  Love you all.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

Bishop Goncalves, Heleno, and Manilza Goncalves (Bishop's wife).

The miracle baptism of Heleno Goncalves, the Bishop's son!!