Monday, July 28, 2014

Smoke. Funk. Muleques.

July 28, 2014

Ha.  Welcome to Brazil.  I'm sitting here in the internet cafe where someone somewhere is smoking and it stinks.  the majority of people here are teenage boys (Muleques, it's kind of offensive to call people that. but not really... It's like punk.)  and they're just playing video games and listening to funk.  If you've never heard Brazilian Funk, be grateful.  Ha.  If you have, I'm sorry.

But this week was pretty good!  It started raining on Wednesday, and didn't stop until Sunday!  It was really good because Aracatuba doesn't get a whole lot of rain.  Remember how everyone thinks Brazil is all jungle and rain?  Hope.  That's just Manaus.  I'm basically in the Arizona of Brazil.  Ha.  It gets REALLY hot.  And yes, mom, it was cold this week.  That picture of me in the sweater, I was SOAKED.  Ha.  but it's still not very cold.  It probably was about 50 degrees.  That is FREEZING for the people here.  Haha.  When I tell them that it gets about 10 degrees during the winter they ask me why I would want to live there.  They've never seen snow in their lives.

But anyway, sadly, the two baptisms we had this week didn't happen.  We ran into some problems, but both of them will be baptized soon.  We actually are having a lot of really spiritual experiences with them and they are really getting to understand the Lord's timing and the Atonement.  I've been studying the atonement a lot to help them.  I still don't comprehend it totally.  I don't know that any of us do.  But just take a moment to think about all that the Savior did and still does for us.  It's incredible.  It's more than incredible.  It really is without words.  I know that he is our Savior.

We were privileged to find 3 families this week and we are praying and fasting and working to see more families live the gospel.  I love my family and I can't imagine not being with them.  So I want these blessings for everyone.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.

Choose the Right,.  Even when it's hard.  Remember that Jesus Christ was killed for choosing the right.  It's always worth it to choose the right.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

PS  Sorry no pictures this week, this computer struggles.

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