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June 9, 2014

Yep.  This week is going to be INSANE!!  A Copa Do Mundo (World Cup) starts Thursday with Brazil playing Croatia.  I won't lie, in the beginning I was disappointed that the closest game was in the city of Sao Paulo, but after seeing how crazy things have already gotten, I'm really glad.  The Area Presidency of Brazil has said what missionaries are to do.  We have to be IN our house AT LEAST 30 minutes before start time of eacah game of Brasil, and we are to leave to work again 30 minutes after it's over.  That's actually the rule for all of Brasil.  so if you hear of missionaries that watched a game of Brasil.....yep.

This week was pretty good.  Ah.  We found and "eleito" (elect).  Josenita in incredible.  She came to Stake Conference and everything and is set to go for day 21.  We had a lesson earlier this week about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We hadn't taught the Word of Wisdom yet, but she said "Ever since you guys arrived I have had the urge to not put cigarettes in my mouth."  So then the next lesson we taught the WOW with a member.  Turns out she drinks a lot of coffee, and so did the member before baptism.  And it was AWESOME to have the testimony of a member.

We had Stake Conference yesterday.  It was a broadcast from Salt Lake, but in Portuguese to all the stakes and districts in Sao Pualo, Rio de Jeneiro, and a couple others.  Claudio Costa and the rest of the area presidency spoke.  along with Elder Scott and Elder Ballard.  Elder Ballard spoke in English with a translator, but Elder Scott just spoke in Portuguese.  I love Elder Scott, but his Portuguese wasn't too great.  It was really hard to understand.  But it was really good.  He encouraged more sincere prayers.

AND BOA SORTE to Nat and Trev.   Oh my gosh.  I can't believe my brother is getting married on Saturday!  That's pretty crazy.  Don't worry, you don't need to send pictures (yep.  That's a hint).  Syd said she would send plenty.  (PS   she's the champion).

I love you all and hope all is well there in Utah (And D.C. and Argentina and the rest of the world).  Good luck with the wedding.  Salt Lake Temple.  ah. Que Saudades para o templo.  I love you all.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

PS  I forgot my camera today.  Sorry.

PPS  I get to buy a new suit today!

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