Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mission Tour

May 12, 2014

Bom Dia Familia!

Words can't tell how good it was to see you all yesterday.  I love you all.  I wish we could skype like once a month.  That'd be legit.  Ha!

You all look fantastic.  And it sounds like you are all doing well.

This week was awesome.  We had a mission tour.  Where a general authority tours all the missions.  Elder Moroni Torgan, a native Brazilian, spoke.  He talked about the difference between a Terrestrial, telestial, and a Celestial missionary.  It was incredible.  He was really funny but threw down.  He laid it down on a lot of things and talked about not being a fubeca.  He talked about the mission being the greatest University we can attend.  Better than Harvard.  ha.  But he made the comparison.  You would not get accepted to and pay for Harvard, just to party, skip class, and not learn.  So why do some missionaries do that?  It was cool.

We are working with a family right now.  The family of Odair.  He is way cool and wants to come to Church with his family really bad.  But couldn't yesterday because of Mother's Day plans.  But we marked this Sunday to walk to Church with him.  He lives pretty close.

We also had transfers today!  We received two new Americans.  Not new.  they are actually the zone leaders.  I found out that only one is from Utah.  The other is California.  the one from Utah is from Nephi.  I'm really excited because they are a lot harder working.  they already have ideas for Bishop for activities to work with the ward more.

ABBEY.  PARABENS!  That means congratulations.  I'm so happy for you Ab.  SBO.  Live it up.  It's so fun.  And you're getting a phone.  Weird.  But I got one at 14 also, so ti's all good.

Well family!  I love you all!  It was so nice to see you!

I forgot my camera chord so still no pictures.  Sorry.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

PS  I had BBQ sauce this week!  American BBQ sauce!

PPS   I also had my first warm shower here this week.  Ha.  Our shower head is what heats the water, and it was broken.  But we finally bought a new one this week and I took my first warm shower!

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