Sunday, July 27, 2014

I will see you soon!

May 5, 2014

Boa Tarde!

First off, I will be calling you on Sunday.  We will be using Skype.  We are going to try and call at about 4 o clock here.  So around 1 o clock there.  Or around 1:30.


Seriously though, if you miss this call....

This week was good.  Tough, but good.  We did A LOT of walking.  I'm pretty sure I've shed some poundage.  ha.  We made a lot of contacts as well.  We are working right now on working better with ward members.  We don't really have any solid investigators in this area right now.  They don't really have any connections to the church so it's all pure curiosity.  But we have an awesome member who likes us and is giving us some referalls today.  So it'll take some work, but the work will progress!  Our ward members are good and now we just need to work better with them.

We tracted into an AWESOME couple this week.  They are each about 80 years old.  They met with missionaries in the past, but they didn't really progress.  But the husband still has his Book of Mormon, with a message from the Elders in 1999.  It doesn't seem like he really read any of it.  We shared a message on faith that was super spiritual and they told us that we are welcome in their home any time.  We are praying that the spirit will touch them to read the book of Mormon and really have a change of heart.

Yes, Elder Jackson is still REALLY weird.  We had a street contact the other day where I said, "My name is Elder Taylor and this is my companion, Elder Souza.  I mean Elder Jackson."  Yep.....

I'm sorry this is so short this week.  I really don't have a whole lot ot say.


Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

YEP... It's still weird!!

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