Sunday, July 27, 2014

O Trabalho esta acelerand. (The work is hastening!)

May 19, 2014

Boa Tarde!!!!!

This week has been INCREDIBLE!!!  For reals.  We've worked like crazy and we've been blessed to see fruits of our labors.

So, after only marking 1 baptismal date, and not having anyone at Church all of last transfer, we worked, fasted, and prayed.  We were blessed to find 13 new investigators.  We were able to mark 5 baptismal dates, and we were blessed to finally have someone at Church.

So we had a pretty cool experience.  Monday, all of our appointments were falling through, so we decided to do some prayer contacts.  So we prayed and went to a house and told them that we wanted to bless them and their house through prayer.  The Spirit was incredible.  Veraldir, the man, told us that at work that day, a man had said that someone would come to his house to bless the family that night.  And lo and behold, we showed up.  It was cool!

Then Wednesday, we prayed about where to knock doors.  After a whole street of no and maybe later, the last house on the corner let us i.  We taught the restoration and set a baptismal date for 21 of June.  Yep.  The blesses us when we work.

Then Friday, we felt that we needed to visit people on Rua Franco Da Rocha.  Well, one of our members owns a store on that street and told us that if we went right then we would find his referral at home.  Lo and behold Luciano and Janaina were there.  They are awesome.  They are getting married this Saturday.  We taught the restoration and set a date for June 7.  and Guess what?   We went to pick them up for Church, AND THEY WERE READY!!  They went to Church!!

This week was awesome!

I love you all!!!!  Good luck with everything in life.

Love Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

I tried to send pictures but they're too big and I'm out of time.  Next week.

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