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OI FAMILIA!      April 16, 2014        

First I just want to tell you how much I love Brasil. Well, South America in general. I don´t care how hot and humid and stuffy it has felt this week, I love it here. Being back in the MTC is SO weird. But so cool. It really does feel like I´m starting all over again. This time with a Sister Mission. Is this what the sisters feel like? haha

I hope all is well up there in North America! (and Argentina. Don´t worry John Boy. I got you.) Guess what! Everything is so cheap here! haha I got 5 pairs of garments for 5 dollars! Legit.

Family-have you gotten the picture of us at the Temple yet? We got to go to the São Paulo temple this morning. It was awesome. I can´t believe how close to the street it is. It doesn´t look like it in the picture. But it is beautiful and so peaceful. It was also the FOURTH  temple I´ve done a session in on my mission alone. That´s insane! and if we ever get to go to Campinas, five. Most people barely get 2 and sometimes 1.

Things are AWESOME here in the CTM. Remember that time I was in Provo and we were supposed to speak Portuguese with each other and no one knew how and even our teacher barely spoke in Portuguese? Yeah, well, one of our teachers doesn´t even speak English. The others speak a little. But all 3 are from here in São Paulo. We have 3 here because we are here solely for Portuguese. So we have class all day and not just different studies. I think it´s so cool that we can talk with and understand all these people who don´t speak English. I speak really well, but I can´t understand very well. I can understand all the people in the CTM, but they see that I´m white and speak slower. #gringostatus

So with the language immersion thing. It was reviewed and approved by the Brazil Area Presidency. Missionaries were literrally getting sick because they were so stressed out with not understanding anyone going straight into the "campo." (it just means field, but campo sounds so much cooler.) So we are only like the 4th or 5th group of "twelve day Americans" and because this only happened about a month ago. Meanin if I would have gotten my visa last transfer I wouldn´t have been here in the CTM.

This week has been really good. It´s really weird not to be out on bikes with the sun beating down on us. It´s rained every day and I LOVE IT. Rain is a good thing. (it makes that song. ha.) I really can´t tell you how much I love it here. South American Mormons are my favorite. They are the most loving people in the world.

Well Familia, sorry it´s short! haha I don´t have a whole lot to report because we´ve been in the same building for a week! (yes friends that were in Provo, The São Paulo MTC is only one building.)

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

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