Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Area

June 30, 2014

First, thank you Mom and Dad for passing down the anxiety gene.  I've had plenty this week being in a new area and adjusting to everything being new.

But it's also been a good week.  I got to know the area pretty well and teach quite a few lessons.  We've got a lot of work to do in this area and I'm excited.  This ward is a lot smaller than any I've ever attended.  Ha.  It's about half of Vila, and I thought Vila was small.  It's interesting and It'll definitely be a learning experience.

This week we had a pretty cool lesson.  Yesterday we taught a couple who is really firm i their church.  But allowed us in and we tau

ght the restoration.  They're  a really young couple who are planning to get married and they are very smart.  But it was really cool.  When we shared the first vision, he got really excited.  He talked about how cool it would be to have the privilege of being visited by Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Apostles.  He talked about how amazing that is and if ti's true then it has to be big because God wouldn't send them for something small.  I don't know that he really realized what he was saying, because he didn't commit to baptism, but he committed to read and pray.  but I realized what he was saying.  It reminded me of Elder Uchtdorf's talk about sleeping during the Restoration.  Do we realize how big it is?  What happened and what's still happening?  It was so cool to realize that.  We also had a lady who talked about how awful the world is.  We also had a man like this in Arizona.  It's interesting, they talk about how they don't know how to help in this world.  But we do.  In fact, we have 90,000 youth out in all parts of the world sharing how we can have goo in the world, and sharing hte only way to have pace and happiness in the world after.

It was pretty cool.  It's the first week in a new area, so I don't have a whole lot to say because my head is ready to explode with all the new stuff.

But I love you all.

That's what I have to say.  I love you all.  I hope you miss me. :)

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

Me and my new companion!!! Elder J. Fernandez

Three parrots sitting on the antenna right outside our window.  Brasil!

Our balcony here in Aracatuba.

I converted.  Vai Corinthians!!

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