Monday, July 28, 2014


July 14, 2014

Ha. So much about Germany this week.  So, white people here are from Germany.   Alemano.  So people think I'm German.  Tuesday that was a bad thing.  Now it's really good.

This week was good.  But tough.   It was really good until yesterday.  We had some really good lessons with Aline and she finally committed to go to Church.  But when we went to pick her up, she sent her daughter to tell us that she was sick.  That was really hard.  So we were sitting there and we thought that we didn't have any investigators at Church.  so we were sad.  I almost cried.  It was hard.  but then when I went to count how many people were at Church, one of our investigators had popped in without us noticing!  It was awesome!

I also had a really cool study this week.  I noticed that, for a missionary, my prayers were a bit weak.  So I decided to study prayer.  In Preach my Gospel there is a nice little section about the prayer of faith.  I also read the talk of Elder Eyring in Conference.  He had an awesome quote.  I'm translating, so it's not exact, but he said, "All of us pray, but the Priesthood holder (or person) you ought to be prays frequently and with real intent.  At night, you should kneel down and thank the Lord for the blessings of the day.  You should thank him for your teachers, your excellent examples, and your parents.  You should describe specifically in your prayers at night who blessed your life that day and how.  This will require more than just a couple of minutes and more than just a little effort to remember.  It is something that will change you.  As you ask forgiveness, you will begin to forgive others.  As you thank God for his kindness, you will think of other, who needed your kindness.  Again, this experience will help you every day, and with time, will change you."

so how bout that.

This week was awesome.

I love you all.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

There's literally no one in the street when Brasil is playing!

Celebrating the victory with Irmao anor!!!!!!!!!
Pizza de alemanha (Germany)

Yep.  We don't have an ironing board.  
So, we iron our shirts on our beds....ironing beds.

Me and Elder Barlow.  District Leader.  
Eating ice cream.... YUM!!

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