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April 27, 2015

Well, everyone and anyone.  Thank you for the Birthday wishes.  I'm sorry that this email may be a little short today.  I was busy getting caught up on pictures.  I love pictures and was sad that I wasn't able to send them before, so there they all are!!!!!  Wooo Hooo!

This week was awesome.  Like awesome awesome! We gave a huge challenge to the zone.  Actually, 2 challenges.

1.  The companionship with the most contacts at the end of the week gets acai paid by the zone leaders.  We didn't tell them how hard that would be because Elder Jake and I are both very competitive, and we are not willing to lose.  hahaha.  But, they responded well.  We set a mission record.  WE HAD 342 CONTACTS this week.  That was INSANE!  haha.  It was by far a new record.  One of the other duplas had 273, that is very high.  It was awesome.  We won.

2.  The other was for the zone to hit 1500 contacts.  We have 10 companionships and that's a 150 average.  That's pretty high.  If they did, the zone leaders would throw a pancake party before the next zone meeting.  yeah.  pancakes.  I love pancakes.  haha  AND WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We had 1,505 contacts as a zone.  It was awesome.

and it was my birthday.  Our RC, Marcia, our investigator, Bel, and Angela, and Bel's family threw me a little party.  It was fun.  They had cake, Pave (a delicious Brazilian dessert that I will make and eat forever and get fat again.) And juice.  They are so cool.  It was a pleasing day and ti was way fun.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!  I can't wait to see you on Mother's day!!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

The city of Araraquara from our house.

Elder Jake, Irmao Francisco, and the barbecue

Elder Jake, Me, Irmao Osmar, and the barbecue.  By the way, the churrasco was delicious!!

Elder Jake and me in our matching Brasil jackets that we found for cheap last Monday.

My planner cover this transfer.  GO DODGERS!

Division with the Assistants on Thursday.  It was Elder Hansen's Birthday on the 23rd.

My birthday morning.  We partied hard.  Me, Elder Jake and Elder Hansen

This is my "I'm 20 years old"  bathroom selfie!

The cake and party.  These people are awesome!!

The plate of fat boy food that Elder Jake gave me for my Birthday.  I love food!

Me and Bruna.  Her other granddaughter and the flowers they gave me.

This is Bia.  Our investigators granddaughter and the most adorable little black girl ever!!

The tie they gave me!  It's really slim!  But I wore it to Church anyway!

The cake and peach pave.  I love cool people!

The division boys.  Elder Hansen, Me, Elder Menden, Elder Jake

The big, huge, dirt road (mountain) that we walk on almost every day.
  It doesn't look very long, but looks are definitely deceiving!!

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