Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Independence Day???

July 6, 2015

Ha.  GUESS WHAT.  Saturday was the 3rd straight Independence day (July 4th) that I have been out of the country.  BOO.  I love that parades and everything.  haha maybe next year......

This week has been GREAT.  Me and Elder Goes are doing well and kicking.  We had quite a few new investigators this week.  Sadly when it came to Sunday, no one went to Church and doesn't want to meet with us anymore, but that's ok.  We'll keep searching for God's elect.

We did teach a few Less Actives this week.  And I tell you what.  The Lord guides his servants where they need to be.  And, if we as members don't give up on those we love, we will see the fruits with time.  The Bishop gave a list of less actives that he put together for us to visit.  We visited a couple.  Including Saverio, who was reactivated and is doing well.  He is even preparing to go out with us to visit people this week.  Cool.  We also found Marcus, who went to Church once.  Hopefully he keeps going and can be reactivated.

This week, we visited a man named Benedito.  He's middle age and lives in a super humble little shack.  He is really cool.  We invited him to come back to Church.  He doesn't live very close, a solid 30-40 minute walk.  And guess what....he came all by himself.  We visited him again Saturday and asked if he would go to Church even if it was raining and he said yes.  and he went!  He walked and it was awesome.  He is doing well and we will continue visiting him.

We also were looking for a couple of the other addresses and stopped to ask some guys where a street was.  One invited us in to check on his phone and his brother comes out and say, "Oi Elders."  So, we asked if he knew the missionaries and he is a mbmer.  He even almost went on a mission.  He had his papers filled out but then decided to go back to college and got involved with the world.  His name is Leandro.  He is really cool.  He has a cousin that served a mission, then married an American and now lives in Rexburg, Idaho.  Well, he is going to visit his cousin i Idaho next month, and his cousin had already told him, "when you're here, we're going to Church every week."  haha  The Lord definitely led us straight to him at this time. We set a goal with himto get him active BEFORE he goes to Idaho.  so that he can already be ready to go to Church there.  It's really close for him to go to the U.S.  haha and guess what.....I go to Church in Utah before he goes to Idaho.  haha Crazy!!

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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