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April 13, 2015

BOM DIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this last week, my companion Elder Yaple went home.  He left on Friday with Elder Archiprette, the Argentine that also lived with us that went home.

Then there was transfer calls...Yeah.  #BDOML

I stayed.  (Shocker) haha  and my new companion is.......ELDER JAKE.  YES.  Remember that picture I sent the other week and said this guy is one of my best friends on the mission?  He was my zone leader in Aracatuba for 4 transfers.  when I was transferred to Americo, he rode with me the whole way cause he was a district leader in Araraquara.  This last transfer he was technically actually my district leader.  Haha.   At the beginning of the transfer, I took his planner and went to April 10 and wrote..."Transfer calls.  Elder Jake...FOI (Went) Novo Companheiro...Elder Jackson!" And GUESS WHAT !!!!!!  It came true.  I was so happy when I got that call.  He's from Huntersville, North Carolina.  He went to BYU so he knows quite a bit about Utah and its people.  Good ole Utah.  I love Utah with all my heart.  I love that little bubble we have.  The bubble of innocence.  Haha!

This week was really good.  We were kind of just saying goodbye to people with Elder Yaple.  He actually leaves today.  The missionaries that end go to Ribeirao Preto on the Friday and then actually leave on Monday.  So he will be back in California with his family on Monday.  Crazy.

And there is just no way around it.  Killing a missionary makes you trunky.  haha.  He was the first one that I "killed".  It was super weird.  they talk about it so much and you feel like you're going home with them and then you're like, whoa.  I'm staying here actually.  It's not a bad thing, it just get you thinking about when your time comes.  But I'm not trunky any more.  elder Jake and I are gonna destroy.  He works a lot like me.  We have very similar ideas and we aren't afraid to get things done.  In other words, we're not soft.  We're not rude either.  That's the trick, you gotta find a balance.  But, you have to be willing to 1.  Go out of your own comfort zone.  and 2.  Push people a little out of their comfort zones.  That's how we learn and improve.

I also learned this last transfer that I REALLY like to listen to BYU devotionals.  We're allowed to, and this last week I listened to one from Spencer W. Kimball YEARS ago.  It was so interesting.  He was warning against so many things that have just become so common in the world today.  It's incredible how much the Prophets and apostles know.  LISTEN TO THEM!!!!!!

Marcia was confirmed on Sunday and everything is good there.  She is doing really well and now we challenged her to read the entire Book of Mormon.  One chapter at a time.  One per day.  It'll be cool.

We are also teaching a couple that is AWESOME.  They are sure to get baptized soon.  Their granddaughter (that they raise as a daughter.  She basically is their daughter)  had a kidney removed on Saturday.  We went on Thursday and gave her a blessing before the surgery.  It was cool.  We have talked a lot with them about the temple and that has grabbed their attention big time.  so, when we were there, I told them "Alright, Sofia is gonna have this surgery Saturday and you guys will be back Tuesday.  Then we're gonna get this thing going and really working for your baptism."  And the wife got really excited.  so it should be good.  They're way cool and actually understand the message.

I'm super excited for this transfer.  There were a lot of changes in the zone.  5 missionaries finished their mission and went home.  And the only companionship without a change was the sisters.  so this should be really good.  It was really needing a lot of change.  This transfer is gonna be SO AGUA in ZONA ARARAQUARA!

I love you all and hope you know that the Savior also loves you.  He is always here to watch over us and catch us when we fall.  As Elder Holland said, He doesn't leave us when we're crazy enough to leap.  He's there to catch us by the arms and lift us, not drag us, to safety in His gospel.

EU AMO VOCES!!!!!!!!

and sorry for no pictures lately.  It's been crazy.  I was finally gonna send a bunch today, but in the rush for transfers, we had to be at the bus station at 6:30, 3 missionaries missed the bus to Ribeirao Preto,we have to go back to pick up all the arrivers at noon, and go back to drop 3 more off at 7 tonight because they will trains.  And in all this, I forgot my camera chord.  haha:)

I love you all,
Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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