Tuesday, July 7, 2015


May 4, 2015

Well, sorry this is so short.  I hate computers.  I was almost done writing this email, and then it just disappeared.  and now I don't have much time.

This week was awesome.  Ana and Anne went to Church.  they are new investigators we found during our 342 contact week.  They are really awesome and are loving the Church and everything.  Ana's husband passed away and Anne is her youngest daughter.  The members really like them and they are doing really well and headed for baptism on the 30th.  Ana just needs to stop smoking.

Antonia and Lourenco fell away.  In a couple really sad lessons, they will not accept the law of tithing.  Lourenco does not believe that he should have to give a certain amount and says ten percent is way too much and it is impossible.  We talked a lot about faith, and he told us many times that he has faith, but then told us it is impossible and there is no way for him to pay ten percent.  and he said, I will not go into debt because of Church.  Antonia decided to go back to her Church where it is also ten percent, but when you can't do it, you don't have to.  We told them very clearly that this teaching was not from Christ.  He requires full faith and sacrifice.

Which begs the question:  if the Lord asked everything, would we do it?  If he were to ask for 50% of what we have and trust him that it will work out, would we be willing to sacrifice?  And if he asked us, as Job, to give up everything, would we have the faith to move forward and give up everything for his kingdom?  What are our priorities?

If we aren't, then imagine Hermoine Granger saying "you need to sort out your priorities."

I love you all.  Have a fantastic week.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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