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May 18, 2015

Hey kids.  So, today is transfers.  We just got word that we have to go to Ribeirao Preto to pick up a missionary.  so, I'll have to send my full email a little later!  I can't believe Lauren already got married.  I thought it wouldn't happen at least until summer.  That was quick.  Haha they look so little!  They look like a couple going to prom not getting married!!  hahah  I love you all and I'll talk to you a little later.

Well Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing changed for me THANK HEAVENS.  I'm so excited.  Elder Jake and I are staying one more here in Araraquara 2 as the Zone leaders.  EXCEPT, we had 2 duplas in our ward.  Now we only have one.  We have the entire ward.  Overall there were 6 investigators at Church yesterday so this should be an awesome transfer.  The area is HUGE.  It might actually e one of the biggest in the mission now.  It's really big.  It is actually 2 wards.  There use to be a 4th ward but they shut it down and it dissolved into the 2nd ward.  And thankfully, we ended up not having to go to Ribeirao Preto.  We made another dupla travel with the other elder because I'm sick.

Ana and Anne are doing REALLY well.  So, like I said, Ana had to stop smoking.  so, we made a calendar and she is (diminuindo? how do you say that in English?) every day.  She is solid for baptism on the 30th and so is Anne.  Anne is really shy and she's kind of having a hard time fitting in with the young women in the ward, but she decided she wants to go to mutual this Friday so it should be awesome.  They have been to Church every week since we found them last transfer and they are progressing so well!!!!!

We also took over another couple that is what we call Eternigators.  haha yeah.  Celsio and Lucia.  They've been going to Church since way before I got here.  They were in the other area but it is now our area.  Celsio is pretty darn stubborn.  he says he only goes to Church because of Lucia, his wife, but I know there's a deeper reason.  Because if he didn't want to go, he wouldn't.  Lucia is basically a member.  She just hasn't wanted to get baptized without her husband.  She is at every single activity, service project, and everything.  They were a reference from a member family that lives across the street from them.  The family should be able to help a lot.

This has been a pretty good and crazy week.  I got really sick yesterday and today.  Yeah...like pretty bad.  Yesterday was actually only the second day of my entire mission that we had to stay home because of me being sick.  It's not fun.  I've gotten to know the bathroom quite well.  But I'll be fine soon and working like a charm.  Today hasn't helped much with the fact that we've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off because of transfer problems, but it's all good.

I love you all and hope you feel it!  I know that this Church truly is the Church of Jesus Christ.  He guides it.  He's in the front and he will not let us fall.  We may have to pass through trials, but we can never fail unless we give up.,  As long as we are truly trying, we can never fail.  The Lord loves us and he is with us.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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