Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 651 in the life of a missionary

June 22, 2015

BOM DIA PEEPS.   What it is?

Guess what!  This is Elder Jake's last week as a missionary.He said it didn't really hit him until he was saying goodbye to people at Church yesterday.  Ha.  We got there and we figured he might give like a last testimony.  The Bishop comes up and says, "Can you talk today?"  Well, yeah.  then we get to Sacrament meeting.  He asks if it will just be a testimony and Bishop says, "No, you're the second speaker.  You got 15 minutes."  HAHAHAH! Gotta love it!!  He did real good though,.  It was fun.

This week was insane.  We have been running all over.  We had quite a few baptismal interviews to do in all parts of the city and in others parts.  We even went to Ribeirao Preto (not for an interview though).  And we went back to Americo .  They should baptize this week.  woot woot.  We only had 2 full days in our area.

One of them was Tuesday.  And it was AWESOME.  Remember ana and Anne that got baptized 3 weeks ago and are AWESOME too?  Well, Danielle, Anne's sister and her husband were here in Araraquara and wanted to meet us.  Ana calls Danielle like every day and usually talks about us and the Church.  Well, we had a late lunch with them and introduced the Church to them and they thanked us for our work and how Ana and Anne have changed and how they're so happy.  So, we totally invited them to Church.  Anne went with them to Sao Paulo for like 2 weeks, so we told her she has to go and take them with her.  They also wanted to buy us a present, but we had to leave.  so they told us to come back right after, so we did.They bought us PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah.  That was awesome.  They're real cool.  We gave them a Book of Mormon Liahona.

We went to Ribeirao on Wednesday because Elder Jake had to renew his I.S. So he could go home.  While I was there, I got a letter from Brother Jenkins.  Funniest letter that I've gotten while here.  It just said, "My elbow still hurts...."  That's all.  hahahahah!  Tell him I say stop crying and I love him.

We also had a reactivation this week.  Saverio is going to Church and strong.  His sister is a recent convert that was baptized about 7 months ago.  She is helping him a lot and he is coming back well. He was living with his girlfriend and wanted to come back to Church.  she didn't want to and wanted him to go to her Church where they didn't really have to do much of anything so he broke up with her and kicked her out.  He's a good guy.

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.  And Happy Father's day yesterday!!!  On of the other areas had a baptism yesterday and they don't have a font in their chapel, so they had it in ours.  We went.  It was an 11 year old girl and she was baptized by the Ward Mission Leader.  I thought back to when my old man baptized me on May 3, 2003.  A long time ago.  Thank you dad for being such a great dad and incredible example.  Thank you for showing me a true example of someone who lives the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love you.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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