Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Humility is the key to inspiration." - The Best Two Years

May 25, 2015

Well hello my wonderful family!  How's Bear Lake this fine morning?  I love Bear Lake, but it's so cold.  but a cold lake sounds wonderful.  haha!

This week was AWESOME.  I was still sick at the beginning.  We ended up not doing a whole lot Monday or Tuesday because I was still sick Monday and then Elder Jake was sick Tuesday..  But other than that, it was a good week!  Lots of people came to Church and we are doing well.

This week was really cool on Sunday.  1.  Ana and Anne were there are are preparing super well for their baptism this Saturday!  Ana is doing really well with quitting smoking and Anne's testimony is just growing and growing!  She went to mutual this week and liked it.  It was good because she is super shy and wasn't really talking to any of the other girls in the ward and now she is.  so that's good.  We went over there Saturday with Alan and Camila, a young couple in the ward, and that was awesome.  Camila is in the Young women's presidency so she has helped Anne a lot.  Ana has also been well welcomed into the Relief Society so Saturday should be awesome.

2.  Celsio and Lucia were there.  They are the couple we took over when the other dupla left.  They have been going to Church for awhile and we had a good lesson with them this week.  Celsio likes going to Church, but is extremely stubborn and is very used to having everything his way.,  So it is very different to have missionaries who are also stubborn when it comes to the Gospel.  Not in a bad way, we have to have courage to truly tell people what is right and what is wrong.

3.  A new family came to Church.  Maria Paula came with her 4 kids.  She is a lady that lives in the longest part of our area.  haha literally about a 3.5 hour walk from the Church..  may be more.  She was baptized 19 years ago but doesn't quite know why she stopped going to Church.  but she did.  She was visiting a family the other day and they invited her to Church.  she came and wants to come back and she has 3 kids that can be baptized that all loved Church!  We were able to talk with her a little and set up an appointment Saturday to teach them in a members house!  I'm super excited.  

This week was awesome and full of miracles.  Something that has really stuck out to me this week is the Christlike attribute of humility.  I'm not too good with humility.  I'm a very prideful little boy.  I'm workin on it, but I know that it is my downfall.  As the prophets have said, it is the universal sin.  It is the root of all other sins.  This week we had some interesting experiences that have shown me the importance of realizing when we are wrong.  We talk to a lot of people that get offended when we teach a commandment right, and it isn't what they've lived.  That's how it is these days.  People take the attitude of "how can you tell me that I'm doing something wrong!?!?!?!?" Well, wrong is wrong, no matter what.  SO MANY PEOPLE in the history of the world failed in the eyes of God because they were unwilling to swallow their pride, even when they knew they were in error and sin.  BUT, there are success stories.  I read about Zeezrom in the book of Mormon this morning.  He was a bad guy.  He was trying to get Alma and Amulek killed, like many others.  THE DIFFERENCE.  Zeezrom didn't die.  WHY?  All of the other people stayed in their pride.  As people started to die, Zeezrom realized how terribly wrong he was.  He was thrown out from among the people.  His actions made him so sick that he was bedridden for weeks.  He was nearly dead from Guilt.  He admitted to the people that he was wrong.  When he found out that Alma and Amulek were still alive he was overjoyed.  He sent for them and they came and blessed him.  He got well immediately and devoted his life to sharing the Gospel and keeping the commandments.  THE RESULT.  All the people that held their pride died and frankly I imagine they are not in a comfortable place.  But Zeezrom repented and turned his life around.  I imagine he is still preaching and dedicated to the Lord in the Spirit World.  I know he is overjoyed with where he is at because he has the Gospel.

The Lesson:  We have to be the one in the great crowd to swallow our pride and do what the Lord asks.  It is that simple.  IT's not easy, but it's worth it.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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