Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Well, hey there everybody!

January 5, 2015

I don't have a whole lot of time this week because I sent the pictures!!  But things are great here in Brasil.

This week was crazy.  We spent 2 and a half days in other areas just knocking doors in the blazing hot sun.  And 2 of the days that we were in our area were New Year's Eve and New Years.  Now, if you all don't know, when Brazilians have a holiday, THEY HAVE A HOLIDAY!  That means they drink, a lot.  Ha.  But, we went out and worked like crazy anyway.  We found a family that ended up not living at the house they were at.  They were super cool and we gave the referral to another are after.  But, it was a family that we would not have found if ti wasn't New Years.  just goes to show that we have got to give it all we have every day.  all the missionaries here didn't want to work because "no one wanted to receive us"  but we had 2 really good lessons that happened because of the fact that we just worked.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Most of the people really didn't want to talk to us that day, but we found a couple that were the Lord's elect.

I went on 2 divisions this week.  This week has been all sun until Saturday when it rained a ton.  It's been SUPER HOT.  And Hot here is not like hot there.  The houses here are different adn it just amplifies the heat.  We sat at a lesson where I was literally just dripping with sweat, and my companion for the day, Elder Vedia from Bolivia, didn't speak much because eh's really new and doesn't speak much Portuguese.  He's incredible.  When he does speak he's awesome.  I love spiritual missionaries who just want to work and do what's right.  They are a huge blessing in the life of a leader.

Then the other division was very different. I went with an Elder that only has 2 transfers left on the mission.  Well, they say the mission is constantly moving.  If you are not moving forward, then you're automatically moving backward.  I won't say his name, but it was very difficult.  He just doesn't want to work or be obedient any more.  So, it was very interesting.  I showed him that it is possible to have success even in a hard area.  It was a very interesting learning experience.

It love you all and love all of your emails.  don't every stop.,  And feel free to send more pictures!


Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

This is Christmas in Brasil!!

Christmas Eve barbecue with Irmao Anor.

Happy New Year!  Our New Years resolution is to only drink soda one day each week.  So, we went out big and drank this 2 liter Guarana all by ourselves.  For those of you who have never had Guarana, I'm sorry!!

The Boa Vista Crew on Christmas.  No.  We didn't swim!

Yuichi's baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!

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