Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ele E O Presente

December 15, 2014

Yes.  We are using a lot of the "Ele E O Presente" or more known to you Americans as He is The Gift.  It's pretty cool.  We've shown it to a lot of investigators.  I don't know that it's had much of an impact her ein Brasil, but it sounds like it's been good there in the US.  I love the video, ha.  And if you watch it on YouTube, the next video that comes up is "Gracas a ele"  I think it's "Thanks to HIm" or something like that in English.  I always click on it and say "just one more" to all the people we show the video.  Mormon Messages are incredible.

This week has been good.  And Crazy.  First week as a District Leader was BUSY.  I went on an exchange with Elder Maia on Friday.  That was fun.  ha.  And yesterday, it was all phone calls between 9:30 and 10:30.  It's so crazy.  But, I like it.  I also received a surprise call from the Zone Leaders on Monday night saying "So, we don't have leadership council any more this week, so it'll be district meeting tomorrow.  You ready?"  Um...well, I had to plan a training pretty fast.  but, ti went really well.

We had an awesome experience this week.  so, w've been teaching Marcio and Carol for quite some time now.  They go to Church (well, usually just Marcio).  Marcio has been ready to be baptized for quite some time.  The problem:  they're not married and they have a child.  We've been trying to ge them married for a while, but Carol is pretty difficult.  So, finally, we had basically a do or die lesson.  It was just with Marcio until the end when Carol got home from work.  so we said "alright, we want to help you better, if you could ask one question to Jesus Christ, what would it be?"  Marcio said "how can I build my faith and do everything I need to in the day to day things."  And Carol "What do I need to do to go to Heaven?  Well, she's very stubborn, especially when it comes to baptism.  We've talked about it a lot.  Well, we studied, got a lot of scriptures, and returned on Saturday.  Marcio was home alone.  so, we responded to his question.  At the end, we finally said, well you might have to show the example alone.  We're gonna have your baptism o January 17 that give you time to get married and everything.  What do you think?  And he said, yes.  So, here we go.  Then we stopped by last night to respond to Carol's question.  Basically we just prepares somethnig super simple.  John 3:5, Matthew 7:12, and 2 Nephi 31:17.  Straight up baptism.  At the end, she finally just said, "It's like I've know it the whole time but never really understood."  So, will you be baptized with Marcio on the 17th.  Yeah.  So, here we go.  It was awesome.  She has never really been open when we talk about baptism, but finally was.

It's been good in the neighborhood this week.  Working a lot, praying a lot, and raining a lot.  Thankfully it hasn't been too hot because of that.  It's rained for a little eery day, thankfully.  Because when it's not raining ti's SUPER hot.  so I would die without the rain!

I love you all and I will call from Irmao Anor's computer on Christmas.  When would be a good time to call?

I love you all.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor.

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