Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Noite do bolo macho

November 3, 2014

Well I am out of time.  This is gonna be real short.

It was a long week.  But it's going well.  Jaqueline got confirmed and everything.  She's doing really well.

We finally had some members that are trying to set up visits with us and really help in the ward.  Which is really good.  That's what this ward has needed for a long time.  It's ready to baptize a lot.  We just need the help of members.

We had a SWEET activity.  MANLY CAKE NIGHT.  It went really well.  We marked to start at 7 and no one showed up until 8:15 (Brazil) But it went really well once the people were there.  I won the most flavorful with my american imported box cake of Reese's.  Ha.  It was awesome.  The sad part was that some brothers were legitimately mad that I won with my American stuff.  But then they got happy again and ate lots of cake!

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

So do you know what this is?  It's one of those awesomely weird toilets that you use one and the other one sprays you with water instead of toilet paper.  They have them in Brazil.  And I totally used it.  It's super weird!

Ward activity that we finally organized.  (I organized.)  Noite do Bolo Macho.  (Manly Cake Night).  Me and the brethren of our ward, and an investigator, Antonio (the one in the pink to my right) with our awesome manly cakes.  I totes used the Reese's thing you sent me!

Pizza with Irmao Anor.  He's so legit!

Churrasco (barbecue) with our investigator family Matilde, Emerson (the parents) and Arthur e Humberto (the kids).

Jaqueline and the missionaries.

Jaqueline's family at the baptism.

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