Tuesday, January 6, 2015

O Livro De Mormon

November 10, 2014

Well hey there kids.  How are you?  I'm good thanks.

IT'S SO HOT!  It rained all week finally, and it's still SO HOT! Ha.  Everyone has to sleep with a fan and it's still hot.  If you don't have a fan, you literally wake up in the middle of the night soaked.  It's crazy.

Sounds like y'all are having some nice adventures there.  Mom, keep going to the temple.  I love the temple.  I am trying so hard to show the members here the vision of the temple that I have.  That we all need to attend more.  It costs about 50 dollars to take the bus to and from the temple when the ward organizes it.  I love the temple and want to go so bad but we can't.  So keep going for me.  When I get back, oh, I'm hittin up the temple so much.

I had a really cool experience this week.  So I was doing my daily reading in O Livro De Mormon (for you gringos that's the Book of Mormon).  And I was in Mosias (Mosiah) and I really don't remember exactly what was going on.  it was about the sons of Mosiah, and I just had this huge feeling of love and excitement.  I love the Book of Mormon and all of the scriptures we have.  They are some of the only things that always have the power to just calm me down and focus.  I love our Savior and all of the people who have testified of him.

This week was pretty normal.  Nothin real crazy.  We had some good lessons with our families.  Antonio and Valeria and Yago.  They're doing good.  We have to help them stop smoking and drinking.  And the it's agua.  They went on a cruise this week thought, so they still weren't able to go to Church.

I hope everything is well in all parts of the world! (Kaysville, Provo, Argentina, France, and all the rest of you people wherever you are.)

I love you all!!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

This is my boy Gabriel.  Ha.  We're teaching his brother, Jude.

This is Antonio, Valeria, and Yago.  They're awesome!

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