Monday, October 27, 2014

One more!

October 27, 2014

Well, here it goes mom.  As for the transfers....I'm staying here!!  Still with Elder Digiorgio.  He's done being trained, but I guess Heavenly Father still needs us and what we're doing here for a little bit longer.  I was actually really surprised.  It's a good surprised, we have a lot of families that are looking really good.

This week, I don't know what it was about this week.  But, it has just been hard.  Yesterday and today especially.  I actually don't know if it was the whole week.  This morning has just been a really rough morning.  bu tit's all good.  We just press on and focus on the small and simple things.  As my good buddy, John Boy Garrett said in his last email.  If we want things to get better, we have to start at square one.

But we did see a lot of miracles this week.  Eve though there were difficulties, the Lord showed us that he is definitely on our side.

Thursday was quite the day.  We had Almoco (lunch)  with a less active who is going to a ton of Evanglical (Christian) churches.  yep, the type that teach you that you hae to be yelling and speaking in tongues to feel the Holy Ghost.  It was an experience.  Holy cow.  Well, he started to tell us all how he felt.  He said "I know you all think that you have the one and only true church, but I know you all have doubts in your hearts."  He was actually looking at me when he said it.  but I looked him in the eyes and shook my head.  Saying no.  But it wasn't just any head shake.  I meant it.  My mind was very clear at that point and I was able to just say, "No.  I actually don't have doubts of it.  I know this is the true Church.  I know it.  I just do."  He felt the REAL Spirit when we prayed.  We'll see if he accepts it.

Then Thursday night.......WE HAD A BAPTISM!  Jaqueline got baptized and I baptized her.  It was awesome.  Her entire family came and some friends.  And other missionaries brought investigators that are getting baptized this week.  it was good.

Then Saturday and Sunday.  Literally saw a miracle.  We've been teaching Matilde and Emerson.  Matilde had already been to Church twice, and Emerson zero.  And it wasn't looking like Emerson was going to go any time soon.  We told them about transfers and he said he wanted us to call him once we got them.  We weren't able to call until Saturday night and we told him and he said, "Well, I'm really glad to hear that.  I'm going to Church tomorrow."  WHAT? We literally danced and jumped and celebrated.  And then on Sunday, HE ACTUALLY CAME!  Then he wanted to eat dinner with us last night, so we did.  And it was good.

Well family, I love you all.  I know that many times we pass through difficulties and just feel like giving up  We feel like no one really understands us.  But, the Savior does.  He really does.  People will tear us apart and make us feel bad, but the Savior won't and our Father won't.  So trust Him.

I love you.  Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

sorry for no pictures.  these computers aren't working well these weeks.

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