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September 8, 2014

yep.  I can't believe it either.  It was exactly one year ago today that I was there in Kaysville giving my farewell talk.  a full year.  I can't believe it.  It really does fly by.  Even though there are times when you just don't think you can do any more.  It's only 6 o' clock and you know you have until 9 and your veet are screaming and no one is listening to you, it's all worth it.  It's all worth it when you find that golden couple, and a new couple goes to church, and an investigator finally gets serious and gets baptized.  It's all worth it.  It's been a year of CRAZY.  It's been a year of HARD.  And, it has been a year of INCREDIBLE!

This week was also crazy, hard, and incredible.  We found 15 new investigators this week.  4 families.  I've wanted to find families my entire mission, and finally the Lord is placing them in our path.  We found Marcio and Carol.  They were a contact on the street early in the week and we marked to visit Saturday.  We taught the Restoration Saturday and they went to Church on Sunday.  They are incredible, and they will get married soon.  And hopefully baptized as well.

We also found (kind of) Matilde and Emerson.  We didn't find them.  the other companionship lives in our area, and one day they were walking to their area, and they felt that they needed to knock on a door that was in our area.  They went, got the info, and passed it to us.  We went.  And only had about 20 minutes the first time, so we gave a blessing on the house and the family.  Then had the feeling to invite them to be baptized.  They said yes.  That was super cool, but still, the significance of this miracle is still to come.  We passed on Saturday to teach them and invite them to church, but Emerson had to work late.  We talked to Matilde and she told us that Emerson never really liked religion.  she usually goes to an "Evangelical" church (sometimes).  And in the past, he would hide the keys to the car so that she wouldn't go.  but even before we taught the Restoration, he accepted to be baptized.  He didn't go to Church, but Matilde did.  We taught them the Restoration with our Bishop on Sunday, and they loved it.  They need this for their family, and it showed, and they want it.  They are incredible.

There's a lot of miracles happening in the mission world right now, all over the world.  It's incredible.  We all need to join in and invite.  M. Russell Ballard said that we should be inviting a friend at least every 3 months to be taught by the missionaries.  That includes us in Utah.  It's hard, but we will see the benefits.  Elder Barlow showed me something cool this week in 1 Peter 4:6.  It talks about when the people didn't listen to Noah and only 8 people were saved.  In our day, it's a different prophet.  And he's said to do missionary work instead of get on a boat, but the principle is the same.  there were more than 8 people that heard Noah, but only 8 listened.  How many people will listen this time?

I love you all.  Have a fantastic week.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

Sorry, no pictures this week.  This computer is dumb and I'm out of time.  But please send pictures again this week.  Especially of the BYU game!!!!!!
Oh my gosh, Annie is so big.  Tell her to stop growing.  She's getting too big.

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