Monday, September 1, 2014


September 1, 2014

Oh.  This week was good.  Yeah.  It was real good.


Saturday was awesome!  I knew I was feeling the Spirit because BYU won the night before.  HA.  And we had the opportunity to see Danielle and Arlete get baptized.  I had the opportunity to baptized Danielle and Elder Digiorgio baptized Arlete.  It was awesome.  A member bought pizza for us after and everything.  It was also really cool because we had Jaqueline there.  The other investigator that wants to get baptized.  But she's seeing some family problems.  The two talks were from members who ha problems with family because of their baptisms, but they talked about how it's worth it.  Family is the second most important thing.  Keeping the commandments is first.  When the two line up, and Phil from Duck Dynasty say, "Now we're cooking with peanut oil."

But seriously it was awesome.

This week was so good.  We had a lot of lessons.  And a lot of fun.  We were able to get started in our ward a Family Home Evening once a week, and it's going really well.  and we are teaching an English class that had 16 people this week.  That's a lot for a Church English class that just started.  It's been super good.

Friday we had to et permission in writing from Arlete's husband to baptize her.  It was intense.  He likes to drink a drink called "Pinga".  It's like whiskey but with even more alcohol.  It's crazy.  It's what the alcoholics drink.  We had a lesson with her during the afternoon but he wasn't home, but we had a member with us.  I asked to use the bathroom, and had a feeling to say a prayer.  I said "if he needs to be drunk, let him be drunk, if he needs to be sober, let him be sober, but please let us baptize Arlete."  Well, the Lord answered my prayer and I think he was a little drunk.  But, he gave permission and Arlete was baptized!  He says he still wants nothing, but give it time and he'll join too.

Great to hear about the BYU game.  I would love pictures from you all.  Like, a little something every week would be cool.  (HINT, HINT.  I LIKE PICTURES)

I love you all.  This week was super good.  We had the chance to sing hymns for Irmao Anor for his birthday.  He's actually making a lot of progress towards baptism.  We don't teach him, but we had an influence.  And, he's going really good.  The missionaries that each him are incredible.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

This is us after the service and our Bishop took a picture.
We're so hot!  #boavistacrew

I have also been having an adventure called an ingrown toenail.  YAY!
This was my return visit.  I don't know that it really did anything but hurt.
But now it's hopefully gone.  HA  She cut it out without any numbing stuff.  
YAY Brasil!!

So, I knew that if BYU football didn't start this last week, it would start this week.  
But it's good to hear that they DESTROYED!!
We had some service to do Saturday, so I wore my BYU with price
This picture is for you to remember EVERY TIME BYU scores, remember that I'm cheering with you!

Division selfie with Elder Barlow!


This is Arlete and Danielle.  They got baptized on Saturday!

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