Monday, September 1, 2014

I smell agua!!

August 24, 2014

This week was really good.  We had 29 lessons.  I've never had 29 lessons in a week before.  It was awesome.  We also did 214 contacts.  Holy Cow!!

We have been working a lot with a woman named Arlete.  She'll get baptized this Saturday.  It's been pretty cool to see the faith of my little greenie.  HA.  Because she basically contacted us in the street.  This was last week.  When she did, she started crying and she wasn't making any sense.  And I just thought, "great.  Another crazy."  But, we marked an appointment with her for the next day.  It turns out, she is a little bit crazy.  And awesome!  She has accepted everything.  She has a pretty rough life, but she accepts the gospel and is already 2 for 2 on going to Church since we started teaching her.  She's super excited for Saturday.

We also are teaching a girl named Danielle, I think I've told you about her.  Well, last transfer, she was supposed to get baptized, but didn't.  She didn't feel that she has received a testimony.  but yesterday, for the first time, (she's been going to Church for 6 months) she showed her faith and went alone.  Because her boyfriend was working.  Normally she doesn't go without him.  but we talked to her Saturday and she went.  It was awesome.  She will also get baptized this Saturday.

We are also teaching a girl name Jaqueline.  She was a referral from another girl in the ward.  She has already been to Church 3 times, just not in our ward.  HA.  Our building has 2 wards and she went to the other ward.  but she will also get baptized this week.

We are also teaching a couple called Laissa and Lucas that are 19 years old and have a child named Arthur.  He's crazy and he has caused quite the party with the children in Sacrament meeting the last 2 weeks.  We're trying to help calm him so that his parents can focus.  They are awesome and super excited to get married and baptized.

The other companionship had a baptism this week.  It was awesome.  It was the first baptism their area has had in over a year.  This ward is changing a lot.

It's good to hear about all your little adventures.  I'm super jealous that you can go to the temple.  The closest temple to Aracatuba is about 6 hours away by car.  It's about 2 hours from Ribeirao Preto.  So we don't get a temple trip, because ti's about 2 missions away.  But one day.....HA.

Have fun at school!!  That's so weird that it's starting again.  Enjoy the cooler weather.  It already feels like the middle of summer here, and it only gets hotter.  Seriously,  technically it's still winter here and it was about 90 degrees this week.  It hits 120 during the summer.  YAY!

I love you all!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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