Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello from Ribeirao Preto!

March 9, 2015

I GOT TRANSFERRED AGAIN.  Emergency to Ribeirao.
JUST KIDDING.  We have "Conselho de lideranca" (Leadership council.  Or as my good buddy, Chase Womack, always says, "Jedi Counsel").  Tomorrow, and we had a choir practice today.  Mom, remember when you said to use my talent?  I'm  using it.  There's a seventy coming to our mission on the 21st and he asked to have a special musical number.  So woohoo.  I'm singing.

This week was CRAZY.  First week as a zone Leader.  I don't know how I'm not asleep right no.  I'm so tired.  but I actually really like being a zone leader.  My companion didn't really explain much to me this week, so I just followed and felt like I was running around like a chicken without a head for most of the time, but it was good.  We spent a lot of time on buses lately.  Today was our second practice with the choir, and we had a baptismal interview to do on Friday.  We've spent alot of the time in the bus terminal.  and I don't know what it is or how they always get in, but it just seems that the drunks are always immediately attracted to the missionaries.  ha.  And trust me, there aren't few!  It's a new adventure every time.  I sat talking to this guy for lik 10 minutes and he was wasted.  when our bus finally came we got on and a guy looked at me and said basically, "dude.  You got patience."  I celebrated a little.  I have been working on having more patience.  haha.

Mom, Wanderson Silva did not get baptized.  I forgot to tell you.  He actually was dropped when i was still in Americo.  He didn't want to commit to it.  He stopped coming to Church too.  But I saw Jane at the bus terminal yesterday!  It was cool.  She's doing good.  The missionaries are still visiting her a lot.  She should get baptized soon.

This area is good.  We had 6 investigators at Church yesterday.  I'm thankful for people who work even if they're leaving.  ha.  Every area I've entered before was start from ground zero.  This one, HOPE.  We are teaching two ladies named Marcia and Bell. I think her name is Isabel, but everyone just calls her Bell.  they are both awesome.  They have been going to Church for a little over a month.  Marcia has a problem in her legs and can't walk without a walker, but she is always there.  It's awesome.  She hopefully will be baptized this Saturday.  She's super cool.  and Bell, she's INCREDIBLE.  she also would have been baptized this Saturday, but she isn't married.  Her "husband" is fasting got know what to do.  She reads everything we give her and goes to every activity and Church.  she's super smart too and knows that the Church is true.  So, hopefully this month she will also be baptized.  We are also teaching Leunilde.  She's awesome.  she already read to Mosiah 13 and she's been being taught for two weeks.  WHAT.  Yeah.  and we're teaching a couple named Antonia and Lourenco.  they also went to Church yesterday.  They were on their last chance, but they went yesterday!  so, that was good.

The zone is doing good as well.  there should be quite a few baptisms here this transfer.  So, all is looking good.  We have leadership counsel tomorrow with President Brum and I'm super excited.  Both of my MTC companions also became zone leaders this past transfer.  Elder Schrenk and Elder Lloyd.  I have only seen Elder Schrenk once really fast in the bus station since the Provo MTC.  And I haven't seen Elder Lloyd since the Sao Paulo MTC.  So, that'll be cool to see both of them tomorrow.  My trainer is also a zone leader!  It'll be like a big party.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Que a foca esteja com voces!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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