Monday, March 16, 2015

Don't forget who you are!

March 16, 2015

Well, I am on a bad computer.  I was just about done with this email and it just erased and disappeared.  So, sorry if it's not a detailed email now.

We had Leadership Counsel on Tuesday.  It was awesome!!  I saw a bunch of missionaries that I hadn't seen for 8 months or more.  I got to talk a lot to Elder Souza (my trainer), Elder Schrenk (Provo MTC companion) and Elder Lloyd (Sao Paulo MTC companion).  All missionaries that I hadn't seen since I left to Aracatuba.  The counsel was awesome.  It was like an elevated Zone Conference with just really good missionaries that all wanted to be there and work.  Presidente Brum talked a lot about seeking the Spirit more in all phases of our work.  It was something that we were really needing here in this mission.  It has been a lot of just work, work, work and a huge focus on numbers.  A lot of people forgot the importance of really staying in tune with the Spirit.  He talked a lot about qualifying for the Spirit as well.  Especially in what kind of music we listen to.  I'm glad and grateful that I haven't had any problems with music.  I love music, but I haven't had any problem giving up the worldly music for this time.

Then we came back to Araraquara.  That was quite the experience.  My companion forgot his Visa papers.  It's law here that you can't travel between cities on the bus without it.  But, between Araraquara and Ribeirao Preto they don't usually check.  So, going to Tibeirao, they didn't check.  But coming back they did.  I went first and got up on the bus and sat down and waited for y companion.  and waited and waited!  But he wasn't coming.  Then I heard him and the bus drive yelling at each other.  He was made that the driver wouldn't let him on without his I.D. and the driver was mad that he thought he could get on without it.  Tuesday was when I realized how much patience I've developed on my mission.  I just calmly took my stuff off the busy and calmed down the situation.  And, we had to just let the busy go.  so, we went back in to trade our tickets, and you had to have I.D. to do that too.  So, my companion just started fighting with the guy at the ticket window as well.  I had to go calm that down as well. and I got everything situated and going.  We finally were able to get them traded after having to go to the LAN HOUSE and print off a new I.D.  It wasn't official, but better than nothing.  all of this while carrying my bag and 2 boxes of Book of Mormons!
Definitely grounds to be angry.  But I'm proud of myself.  I stayed relatively calm even though my comp made some smart alec comments to me after all of this.  Oh, that was a nice trial of patience!!

Other than that it's been alright.  Friday I went on a division with Elder Neves.  He's from Santos, Brasil.  It was cool.  I went to his area and we just went and worked.  It was a good division.  We ordered pizza when we got home.  It was sooo good.  They have a really good pizzaria in their area. (that's rare here)  haha.  It was us two and the other two that live there.  One of them lives in Curitiba mission!  He's from Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brasil.  Trev knows where it is.  I forgot to tell him that I've already had two assistants here also from Curitiba.  One right now and one that went home about 5 months ago.  Elder Zolet is assistant right now, and I'm not sure what Bairro he's from.  and the other missionary is from Chihuahua, Mexico!  Where Cayden Womack is at.  Sadly, he didn't know Elder Womack.  But it was still cool.

The other companionship in our ward had a baptism Saturday as well.  It went really well.  The ward here is doing really well.

Well family, I love you!  My spiritual thought is from a talk yesterday in Sacrament.  I spoke really fast, then another lady after me.  She talked about Elder Ballard's talk about staying in the boat.  "Those who jump out of the boat during the storm die drowned."  She said it really simple.  Those who jump out of the Gospel when trials come, drown in their trials and spiritually die.  So, as the talk says.  Get in the boat and hold on!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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