Monday, February 2, 2015


February 2, 2015

Ha....Well, the big news in Americo Brasiliense this week that EVERYONE was talking about.  A really rich dude that lives close to the church got kidnapped and ransomed.  He is now home and safe.  He's the owner of a bunch of gyms here.  And his Dad is also super rich and owns a bunch of stuff so the robbers got away with a lot.  but the police are on it....

That's the fun of this week.  We did find some pretty cool investigators this week.  Jiani and Laura.  They are from the Bahia.  For those of you who know Brasil, Bahianos are crazy.  They're hilarious.  Josenita, my recent convert in Vila Virginia is also from Bahia.  The're awesome!

Things are tranquilo here in Americo.  There's not a whole lot of big news.  So that's kind of it for now.  Sorry that this email is so short!!!  There will be more in the weeks to come!!

We weren't in our area very much this week.  We were in Araraquara helping clear the list of less actives.  there are over 900 registered members in the second ward.  But only about 130 active.  So we went looking.  It's sad to see how many don't want anything to do with the Church any more because they now have "their own doctrine."  It's not about having our own doctrine people!!!!!  It's about the doctrine of Christ!!  We would be dead with our own doctrine.  Me and Elder Inacio talked a lot about that this week.  a lot of people don't believe that there exists an absolute truth.  Just whatever you believe is your truth.  That is one of Satan's greatest lies.  There is always a truth and just because we don't believe it, doesn't make it not true!!!!

Ha.  That's my rant for the week.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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