Monday, February 2, 2015


January 26, 2015

Well hey there family.

There's not all that much to tell you this week.  I'm in a brand new area that is searching for a lot of new investigators.  It's a whole new challenge and I feel humbled that the Lord is trusting me with it.  It'll be a great experience and I know the Lord will guide me.

My companion is Elder Inacio from Joao Pessoa, Brasil.  It's a beach city.  Maybe I'll visit after my mission. :)  He goes home in about 3 months.  He's been here for 4 months and loves the branch here.  AND HE SPEAKS ENGLISH.  perfectly!  ha.  When we're with Brasilians and he has to say something secret, he say sit in English!  I love having a companion that speaks English.  It's so nice.

The branch here is really cool.  The branch president is really cool.  A lot of youth have been baptized in the last years so it has a good youth program and they are really strong.  It's about the same size as my last ward.  Which gives me curiosity.  I had never paid attention to the number of attendance before my mission.  Dad, what's our ward's attendance?  I've wondered that for awhile.

We found a couple cool investigators this week and hopefully will have some SWEET news here in the future!

But for now, that's all folks!!

I love you all and know the Church is true.  All of us have our agency to be happy or not.  So as Gordon B.Hinckley said, "You can be wise and happy, or stupid and miserable, the choice is yours."SO CHOOSE WISELY!  "WE ARE ALL FREE TO CHOOSE LIFE ETERNAL OR ETERNAL MISERY."  (2 Nefi 2:27)

Love,Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

Me and my new homeboy companion Elder Inacio!!

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