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January 19, 2015

Well my family, it happened.  It's super surreal and it actually happened.  After 5 transfers, I left Boa Vista.  It was kind of hard to leave.  When I got there, I really didn't much like the ward and the people there.  They were really closed off to the missionaries and weren't much excited to do anything.  but, as you've seen from my last emails, they have completely changed.  It has been incredible.  And the Bishop even cried that I left.

I am currently in Araraquara.  That's the big city and the zone I'm in.  Remember how Ribeirao Preto to Aracatuba was like Kaysville to St. George?  Well, now it's like I got transferred back to Brigham City.  That's how long it is.  Other side of the mission.  I will be serving in a little city outside of Ararquara called AMERICO BRASILIENSE.  Still as District Leader.  It's just a branch there.  ha.  When I heard that, I got kind of nervous.  Then I heard the attendance.  It's more than our ward in Aracatuba.  That'll be interesting.  Haha.  Everyone says it's a really good zone.  there doesn't exist anywhere in our mission that isn't ridiculously hot, but it's not quite as hot as Aracatuba.  Aracatuba is just ridiculously hot and I don't understand why someone would choose to live in that kind of hear.  hahah!

But this last week was good.  We just worked likenormal, especially with less actives.  When we got the transfer calls, we had to get everything lined up for Elder Hudson, who stayed in the area as senior companion.  It'll be interesting.  We thought he would leave, but he's still there, so he doesn't really know the area.  He's been three 3 weeks.  haha

I'm also currently with just a couple other missionaries.  There's one other Elder going to Americo, and he missed the bus from Ribeirao Preto to Araraquara.  I'm still not quite sure how.  he was righ there with us and he disappeared.  so the Zone Leaders had to go back and get him as he waited with all the other missionaries in Ribeirao Preto.  so, I still haven't met my new companion.  But I know his name is Elder Inacio.  I think they said he is from Joao Pessoa, Brasil.  It'll be SWEET!

It was pretty interesting to go say by e to all my recent converts there in Boa Vista.  We also visited the Bishop and a couple other members.  And I gave Bishop a framed picture of his son's baptism.  It was awesome.  A couple months ago, I did not want to leave there because I was scared of just having to leave these recent converts in the ward's hands.  But as I left, I knew that they would be COMPLETELY taken care of.  They are working a lot already to prepare Yuichi for a mission and he is progressing well toward it.  I pray that he goes and changes lives.  They also gave 2 other RecentConverts callings.  That's something that has not happened there ins a LLOOOONNNNGGGG time.

I love you all and hope you are all well in all parts of the world.  I'm sorry if I couldn't respond to your email individually tis week.  I'm in a hurry in a city that I don't know.  And I've been on a bus for 8-9 hours, and now I have gas.  HAHAHA!  I'm so funny.

But for realsies.  I love you all.  I have a lot of pictures to send you all next week.  But I packed away my camera chord.

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

The crew 

The ice cream I ate before leaving Boa Viasta!!

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