Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh Rhonda!

March 24, 2014

So guess what.  Remember that time we use to have a car?  Well, I named her Rhonda.  The Church gets rid of mission vehicles at 50,000 miles, and I've put almost 3,000 on her.  And this week during exchanges I put her over 40,000.  It was a great day!

Anyway, Mom and Dad on a cruise?  How in the world did that happen?  Who was the one that was able to break open his wallet?  I hope the house isn't burnt down yet.  You kids do get crazy!

This week has been pretty good!  We had a FANTASTIC Zone Conference in Maricopa on Tuesday.  President Toone talked about being a consecrated missionary.  He talked to us about how one unconsecrated missionary can hold the mission back from the blessings we will receive.  We watched the John Tanner Story, a story of complete consecration and trust in the Lord.  He asked what more we can give to be fully consecrated.  It was incredible and inspiring.  It really opened my eyes on how much we have to give.  I only have 17 and a half more months to give everything I have.  I have only 2 weeks to give everything I have to the people here in Casa Grande, so I don't want to waste it.

We also had an incredible lesson Monday night.  Little did I realize the similarity to the John Tanner story until we watched it the next day.  We have been teaching a couple named Sasha and Emilio for a long time.  they have been together for 3 years but aren't married.  So, we have talked to them about that.  On Monday, we taught more on the Law of Chastity, they said, "we want to get married, but we don't even have money to pay for a wedding license."  The member that was with us asked how much it was.  $80 bucks.  so the member said, "we'll pay for it."  So I thought she meant when the time came, but she reached in her purse and pulled out $100 and said, "well I guess there's lunch for the day too."  It was incredible.  After the lesson we just kept thanking her.  And she said, "all I have is from the Lord.  I have 6 years of income that I wasn't suppose to have."  Ha!  and her husband goes, "Yeah, and a husband to go with it!"  (Her husband has a brain tumor that was suppose to take his life, but after a Priesthood blessing, it stopped dead in its tracks and has been dormant since!)  It was an incredible example to me of consecration and fulfilling our covenants!

Then, last night was awesome too.  We went to visit another investigator named Lupe with our Ward Mission Leader.  We got there, and a guy was there and laughed and kin of jokingly said, "can I have  Mormon Book?"  So we said yes and asked if we could introduce it to him.  Well, it turns out that he is Lupe's ex-wife's brother and is staying at the apartment for a little while. His name is Victor.  He talked to us about how he feels agnostic, but wants to know so badly the true nature of God.  He told us how he's been to a ton of churches that judge him and throw him out because he has tattoos and blah blah blah.  And he's been to too many churches where the people give of their tithing and have humble livings and then the pastor rolls up in a Mercedez-Benz and takes all their money.  So, we introduced him, invited him to church, and set up a return.  It was incredible!  The Spirit was super strong as we bore our testimonies of the true nature of God and that His Church has been restored.  He told us that he just really wants to know.  And, he always sees everyone hide from the Mormons, so he decided to find out what they really have to say.  It was awesome!  The best part is that our Bishop drives a simple Toyota Corolla.  So, Dad, keep driving that Grandma car!!  You never know who it will inspire!

Casa Grande is a party!!  I love it!  The work goes well.  Both of our new Ward Mission Leaders are awesome!  The end.

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

This is Dawn's baptism!  Guess who is baptizing her?  Yep.  Brother Taylor! Best. name. ever!

Toni's baptism!!

This.  This is my girl Rhonda.  I put her over 40,000 miles this week!

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you in my email that I got sick and had to stay in Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday morning I was throwing up.  It was no bueno!!

Yes.  That is a 2014 Stingray.  But no, I didn't drive it.  One of our members works at a nice dealership and gets to have some fun!

Dad, this one is for you!  DJ (our Polynesian recent convert)  fed us this week and  it was delicious!  He said that this is a Hawaiian staple.  I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed that me and the big Polynesian were the only ones that finished!
Yep, I'm proud!

This is a pooping do sign that just says "NO!"
No more explanation needed!

P.S.  Estou indo a Brasil em dois semanas.  Louco.  

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