Monday, April 7, 2014

You're officially old!

March 31, 2014

Ola Familia!

Just thought I'd point out:  This is my last full week of English.  Whoa!

Thought I'd also point out:  Mom and Dad went on a cruise for an anniversary.  That means you're OLD!

This week has been great!  We have been teaching Sasha and Emilio a lot.  They are so solid.  They haven't been able to come to Church because of work, but they are both in the process of finding new work.  We had a lesson mid-week and we were talking about coordinating their wedding with Bishop.  I said, "well, even if I'm not there, send me pictures."  and Sasha goes "oh no, you'll be there."  I love them!  They are so legit and have been so good to work with.  We have seen a lot of miracles with them and with the ward as we've worked with them.  We've seen the ward just jump in and help out in any way they can.  They will hopefully be married this week, but sadly because of not attending Church due to a family emergency yesterday, they won't be baptized until after I leave.  BUT, they will be baptized.  I'm so excited for them and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach and work with them.

We had our first dust storm!!  It wasn't very bit, but it provided some pretty cool pictures.  We were at the Church and didn't know it was coming and one of our investigators texted us and told us about it.  We went out to check it out, and we left all our stuff in the Church as the doors closed.  Yep.  We locked ourselves out right before the storm!  Luckily we had the car that day and I had my keys in my pocket.  So, we got in the car, and righ then, someone pulled up to the Church to check on something and had keys!  It was pretty cool.

It's starting to get pretty hot.  Ha!  We've been in the upper 80's and the sun just beats down.  It's a party.

I went on exchanges and we walked by a house and this big guy was out smoking a HUGE cigar.  We went to talk to him and he just says, "I don't need it.  I'm already a sinna"  With his hands up and this thick Brooklyn accent.  Oh old people.  they make me laugh!!

Well my friends, hope all is well in Kaysville!  ( And Logan and Provo and Orem and Argentina and Mexico and .........)

Love you all!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

Despicable me card collection from Wal-Mart! What's up!

Mom and Dad, take a good, hard look.  This is probably the closest I'll ever get to Harvard!

Yep.  We have the coolest members ever.  They're a young family that grew up in Spanish fork.  The dad is a HUGE  BYU fan, and they knew I am too.  so, they whipped these out for dinner!

Here comes the dust storm!

It's gettin closer!

There she is!  :)

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