Wednesday, October 14, 2015


July 20, 2015

Well kids, this week was crazy.  We did a few divisions and visited some peeps.  We had a dupla in our zone that was having some issues.  We went on a division with them on Tuesday.  It was super interesting.  I learned how simple things can be.  I got there to their area and they hadn't even planned the day.  The Elder I went with is pretty new on the mission.  So I sat down with him and talked about the importance of planning and the little things.  I asked him if they were using Preach my Gospel, the area book, and other stuff and he said no.  So I showed him how to simply follow it and plan.  It helped him a lot and they were able to resolve some of their problems.  That was good.

That night I got a call from my companion (who was in our area) and he had a surprise!  The assistants called and were coming to do a division with us Wednesday.  yeah.  They called the day before.  Well, we had actually planned another division with a different area so we kinda just threw those plans out the window and planned a new day with the assistants.  It went really well.  I was with Elder Contreras from Neoquen, Argentina!

The rest of the week we just worked and worked and visited a lot of people.  Leandro went to Church again and is doing really well.

Oh yeah!  I forgot to tell about the festa Junina! That's a really big party here.  Basically, any group of anything just has a big party in June or July and eats a lot of cowboy food.  Ha.  Totally what it is.  Our ward had it on Friday.  It was really good.  As we were inviting our investigators to it, we ran into a lady named Vera.  We invited her and she and her family went!  That night, a different ward baptized a family of 4 in our chapel.  And they wanted to watch the baptism first instead of going to the party.  We are now teaching them.  They're pretty cool.

Well, I just keep on keeping on!  I love you all and can't wait to see your little faces!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

Look at this crew!  I'm so good looking!
(Zone conference photo)

I made stir fry!  I'm getting good, by the way!

Me, Elder Sardan, Elder Moroni, and Elder Serra

Me and Elder Contreras

As someone who speaks Portuguese what this means :)

(Ready to date?)  Haha!

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