Wednesday, October 14, 2015


August 10, 2015

Well family and friends, I get on the plane in approximately 7 hours!  I can't believe it's here.  It is sad.  And, yet it is joyful.  This week was incredible.

We had Leadership counsel at the beginning of the week and it was awesome.  It was the biggest GH of my life.  Our zone hit President's goals of 1 baptism and 1 reactivation per companionship per month.  We were the only one to hit both.  And, our zone is also the last to go up front and do accountability each meeting.  so we got up, the mission had a good month, but when we got up, President Brum said, "wait a minute, let's all give a good clap for this zone."  He doesn't do that.  He then talked about me and how he was proud that I didn't just throw in the towel for the last month and I went out and helped the zone and left my mark.  It was awesome!

We then visited Recent Converts and a couple other people to say good-bye and on Friday I got the bus.

Oh yeah!  On Wednesday, I did a division with Elder L. Souza from Curitiba.  He said Trevor looks really familiar but he didn't ever really meet him.  He says he thinks he just saw you in the mission office.  But he did know Elder Poe really well.  Poe passed in his ward and L. Souza did divisions with him each week.  He talked about how he's married now and I was just like, hey, I know.  haha  It was cool  He's a cool guy and a really good missionary.  Trev, see if Poe remembers Leopoldo Souza.

Then in Ribeirao Preto, Saturday was incredible.  It was the single day that really made 2 years of difficulties, sweat, tears, blood, tired feet, and all the other hard things worth every minute.  We had a self-sufficiency training at the beginning and that made me realize that I have no idea what I want to do with my life.  Then we had our interviews with President.  It was incredible.  He talked A LOT about marriage, but he said a lot of really good tings.  Definitely a lot of things to consider and he talked a lot about taking big decisions to the temple and praying and fasting.  He's an incredible man.  We then had dinner at his house with him and Sister Brum.  And Elder and Sister Hawkins, the couple missionary.  It was so good.  I just kind of sat back at the beginning and realized how much I will miss these incredible people.  I love President and Sister Brum.  They have 3 kids that live in the U.S., So I told him whenever they visit Utah to let me know and we'll go out to dinner to.  We watched a movie after our missions and pictures that we had sent in.  It was awesome.  I am so thankful that I came out as a missionary when I did.

I love you all.  I am so excited to see you and let me repeat.  MOM GETS THE FIRST HUG!!

Well folks, I've been waiting two years to say this.


Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

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