Monday, March 10, 2014

Too close for comfort!

March 10, 2014 mind is all over the place again.  I got a call from President Toone this morning and we weren't able to answer.  He said he needs to talk to me.  and now he's not answering his phone.  So everyone keeps saying things about my visa.  So, I'm kinda freakin out right now!

But, this week was great.  I even wrote down things that i want to tell you guys so my email might actually make sense this week!!

So about a month before I got here to Casa Grande, a couple overage youth in a less-active family got baptized.  They are 11 and 8.  The family is a convert family who has always liked church but never been super strong.  Well, immediately after the baptism and confirmation, they went inactive again.  I've been here for 4 1/2 months, and they've never come.  We have visited them countless times and had some nice talks, but we've never been let into the house.  Ward members have asked about them like crazy because we seem to be the only ones who can even catch them at home or get any kind of response.  Well, this last Tuesday, a lesson fell through when an investigator had to go to the hospital.  We were already in the neighborhood and both of us had a strong feeling to visit the family.  Well, we ended up having an incredible lesson.  We just did what we could at the doorstep because the husband wasn't home.  We finally got some of her true concerns.  The mom has some health issues that cause her to not be able to talk very well any more.  So she would get some weird looks, and felt judged at Church.  So we showed her the last half of Elder Uchtdorf's "Join with us" talk.  It was fantastic.  She was still hesitant, but her 13 year old son goes "I'm coming to churhc.  Yep.  We're going."  And so the 8 year old joined in and goes "I'm going too." So she finally joined and said she would go.  We got her very excited for it. She will be coming this Sunday and we will be visiting her again this week.

We also had an awesome lesson with Jose in the YSA branch.  And guess what!!  He has a bunch of cousins and other family in our family ward.  So basically we're gonna baptize his whole family.  What's up.

Sadly, our house is now down to 4.  The Toone's are really cracking down on cleanliness.  Things are needing to be "military clean".  Yep.  So they've done away with all 6 people housing.  The most is 4.  Apparently 6 gets too messy.  Our house was actually pretty clean (we all thought) but apparently not.  So we spent 2 hours this morning cleaning every nook and cranny of that stinkin house.  It was great.  We jammed to Vocal Point.

Friday Night.  I almost died.  You think I'm exaggerating huh.  Well, I'm not.  Heavenly Father definately is protecting his servants.  I heard about the missionary from Richfield in Sweden, and it still blows my mind.  But I saw Heavenly Father protect me.  I'll forward the story with the picture in a second email because it's not working to attach it to this one.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  We have a batismo on Saturday!!  Dawn passed her interview and is ready to go.  Her friends from California (The Taylors.  WHATS UP).  are coming and brother Taylor is baptizing her.  And guess what!!  she asked me to confirm her on Sunday!  So, I'm kinda nervous but STOKED!  I've gotten to stand in the circle for confirmation twice in the last month.  The only tow times of my life!  And, the Spirit is super strong.

I got to speak at a baptism this week!  It wasn't a convert, just a family that we've become really good friends with in the ward.  The mom was baptized about 2 years ago, and she asked her son who he wanted to speak at the baptism.  And he said the missionaries!  So we did!  (Ask the missionaries, they can help you!)

This week has been pretty crazy and pretty great.  I love you all and hope all is well in Zion. :) Haha!

Eu amo voces muito.

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

I'm huge!

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