Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey kids!

Mary 3, 2014

Sorry if my thoughts are all over the place today.  Ha.  I'm tired.  Yesterday was a long day.  Not a bad day, just crazy.

This week has been awesome though.  It really has.  We finally focused on really getting the ward involved, and nearly doubled our member presents this week, as well as our people on date.  ( it went from 1 to 2)  :)  It's been really good.

THE TEMPLE.  It was so good.  We got to watch the cultural celebration at the Stake Center on Saturday night.  Many, actually all, agree that the Casa Grande stake did the best.  Haha.  But it was so cool to see all these youth out there.  It was almost set up like a musical revue.  It reminded me to the good ole days and I just wanted to bust out singin'.  Maybe one day.......

But really.  Then yesterday we had the dedication.  It was so good.  President Monson got up to give the dedicatory prayer, and an incredible feeling just came over me.  It was so good.  I know he is a prophet of God.  Which means God is real, the Gospel has been restored, and we have a Savior.  Those 3 main things bring me peace.

This week we continued to teach an investigator in the YSA.  He lives like half an hour away by car.  So, we get to go on road trips. :)  It's nice to get out of our 4 square mile are sometimes.  haha.  i love our area, but it's so small.  And, we live in it, so we rarely ever leave it.  But we went to AZ city and Coolidge to teach him.  Both long drives.  And, he is legit!  Our Branch Mission Leader came to the second lesson.  He just recently returned from a mission in Costa Rica.  it was so awesome.  He provided a lot of answers and support to our investigators questions.  He is on date for the 29th of March.

I crashed my bike yesterday.  That was fun.  Hit the front brakes.  Ha.  That wasn't too smart.  Almost did a front flip.  And then just started laughing - so it's all good.  i wish someone would have had a camera.

Well kids, sorry it's so short today! ha.  Things are going really well.  I love Arizona.  I've accepted this as my home.  Ha. For now.  I mean my mission home.  Meaning if something crazy happens to my visa the I'd be ok staying here.  I know we are put where we are needed.  Not just where we need someone, but where we are truly needed.

Love you kids!

Love, Elder Scott Jackson Taylor

This is what scorpions look like under a black light.  :)
We found this on Toni's porch!

Sadly, I had to retire my $10 pants from Ross.  They did well.  I'm not quite sure when I got the hole.  Sometime Saturday.  So, I'm not quite sure how embarrassed I should be.  And don't worry, I have shorts on in the pictures.

This guy - his name is Brother Nightingale!  He is a fellow Davis Dart.  Yep!  Ha!  When he graduated he wasn't a member - but now he it!  They're moving back to Centerville so I had to get a picture before they left.

Found this gem on Facebook.  Yep!  We have to be Dodgers fans to be saved.  Doctrine!


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