Monday, June 15, 2015


March 30, 2015

Well hey there kids!
I love you all.  I'll just start with that.

And I'm jealous of your Washington D.C. adventure that you're on right now.  I love D. C.  I was only there for a couple hours but it was sweet.  I wanna go back there when I get back and go to the temple there.  It's incredible.

This week has been cool.  I'm loving all these new little videos and things that the Church is making to really explain the reason we have the holidays and the importance of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We have been showing and passing cards out for the #PORQUEELEVIVE.  or in your language, Because He Lives.  If you haven't yet gone on and watched, DO IT.  Ha.  I don't know the site in English, I just know that here, it is  So go, watch it in Portuguese, then watch it in English.

I'm so thankful for the atonement.  We have a couple really good progressing investigators, including Marcia, who should be baptized this Saturday, after conference.  She was ready a while ago, but out of nowhere just go super unhappy and didn't want to get baptized.  She still went to Church though.  Finally, after much teaching and inspired questions.  She started to compare herself to her best friend, Bell, who is oru other investigator.  Bell is also super ready for baptism, but because she lives with a man, she can't yet be baptized.  The man doesn't want to get married and is a drunk.  He is always drunk, and she has received the answer form Heavenly Father that she needs to continue with her life and be baptized.  So she is working on being able to live alone.  But Marcia was just comparing and getting down that "she isn't as good as Bell."  So, we talked a lot about her being a daughter of God and the Expiacao (Atonement) and all that it means for her.

The next day, she was watching t.v. and she flipped through channels and she watched the Pastor channel for a little while.  Usually that gets us super worried, ha, But the pastor said, "if you are thinking about Baptism and haven't done it yet, Go get baptized!" Haha.  It was awesome!  She took that as an answer.  The pastor gave Acts 22:16 and Galatians 3:27 and she is feeling a lot better about finally getting baptized.

This week has been good.  It's been pretty crazy but good.  It's super interesting as a zone leader.  There's always something to do and someone else to worry about.  I love it.  It helps me not be selfish.

I love you all and have a great week!!!!!

Love, Elder Scott JACKSON Taylor

It's been raining a lot!  I even broke out the rain jacket for the first time since the Provo MTC!

My companion's birthday (Elder Yaple) was on Friday.  I bought us Pizza.

Division on Tuesday with Elder L. Silva.  I bought us ice cream.

Generation picture at mission tour!  My dad, Elder Souza, Me, and my son, Elder Digiorgio.

Basically my best missionary friend, Elder Jake.

I'm still mad about this one.  That's a hole.  I just touched it!

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